Get Ahead this Spring!


We are less than a month away from the first day of spring and eagerly anticipating the start of the 2023 pool season! This summer brings many new exciting things for High Seas, including the launch of a customized app technology that helps us manage client services and provide service updates to you and your rental management company in real-time.

Let's Talk About our New Technology:

High Seas has been on the search for a tool to provide better management and communication to our clients, and we've found the perfect solution!

Starting in March 2023, we will launch a customized app technology that will assist in every aspect of effectively managing a pool business from building more efficient routes to streamlining a process for chemical tracking to real-time communication for services provided and much more. In addition, this technology will provide more convenient and cost-effective billing options to our favorite people - YOU! And if that's not cause enough for celebration, there's one more great aspect: it requires zero effort on your part. There's nothing for you to download, and no account to create with a password that you keep forgetting. You will begin receiving service notifications to your email in March. Should you wish to opt out of notifications, or prefer that your Rental Management Company receives them, just let us know. We are excited to continue our service with you, providing you the best pool/spa maintenance and repairs that you deserve.

For You This Spring:

Summer contracts are coming your way!

There's no better way to get ahead this year than to complete your Summer service contract early, and get your "open" on the schedule. High Seas will be sending Summer 2023 contracts out by the first week of March, so keep your eyes open!

Opens will be scheduled for late March/early April. Should you be offering an earlier rental season, let us know and we will get you on the calendar prior to rentals.

We Have Early Rentals!

Why Open in late March or early April?

While your rental schedule may not start until summer, the warm and sunny spring days in OBX start algae growth that can damage your pool system and run up a large tab of opening chemicals.

The biggest risk of waiting to open your pool is black algae. Think of it as the Darth Vader of pool growth! Black algae is a super resistant and hard-to-kill strain of algae that appears in small black dots on your pool's walls, floors and surfaces. This growth occurs when chemical levels are too low and the elements are prime for photosynthesis.

May the clear water be with you.

High Seas Client Referral Program 2023

High Seas Pools & Spas is accepting new clients in 2023 from Duck to Nags Head!

Existing High Seas clients receive 5% off your 2023 contract price when you refer a new client that joins the High Seas Family this year.

This offer lasts all year, and can be applied to your summer or winter service contract (even after the contract has been signed). Offer limited to one discount per client. Discount applicable for clients that sign up for a summer or winter maintenance contract.

See you poolside,

Bradley Musika

Owner/Pool Technician, CPO-Certified


[email protected]

High Seas in the Community

At High Seas we love everything "North Carolina", including the preservation of our beautiful duck population. We are proud to partner with Ducks Unlimited Outer Banks Chapter as a Corporate Sponsor for their annual Outer Banks Ducks Unlimited Banquet.

Learn more about Ducks Unlimited

About #DirtyWaterSucks

Ever wondered how we came up with our funny tagline #DirtyWaterSucks? Once upon a time our Office Director, Chelsey, cleaned a very, very, very dirty hot tub. The kind of hot tub you may see in a frat house. Containing the kind of things that belong in a trash can. As she started to dump the hot tub, the cleaning hose popped a nice big dirty bubble right into her face. Perhaps it was just a bad morning, but between the tears and frantic search for a towel, she screamed out "Seriously?! Ugh, dirty water sucks!" That dirty frat bubble paved the way to a vision for crystal clean water (and a very serious Google search about "cleaning hot tubs in hazmat suits"). She lived happily ever after - but now approaches hot tubs with caution.

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