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From Darlene's Desk  
Dear Friends,

Community Boards doesn't often take a stand on political issues. We do that so we can maintain our neutraility to be effective facilitating and deliberating dialogue between impassioned parties.

We are making an exception with Trump's recent announcement to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). DREAMers (recipients of DACA) come to us frequently for help-  from housing to workplace to family issues. We are here to help them.

We have DREAMers who take our BASICS and other trainings. Immigrant youth and their families are part of our community of volunteer mediators and internship program, and we will embrace and serve them no matter what. DREAMers are part of the Community Boards family.

With all my gratitude,

Upcoming Outreach Opportunities  
Outreach events are fun, social, and inspiring. Come join us. We appreciate your company.
Also International Day of Peace is coming up. Here are two great events to enjoy. Stay tuned on our Facebook page [Facebook] for updates on Community Boards' Peace Day programming.

#1: Allison Edwards, Volunteer of the Quarter  
It's been an absolute pleasure working with Community Boards for the past three years. During my time volunteering with CB, I graduated from SFSU with B.A.s in Communications and German, a minor in Criminal Justice, and the SFSU Certificate of Conflict Resolution.

I first learned about Community Boards through Mac. After a presentation he gave, he recruited me as an intern. For almost three years I continued to donate much of my free time outside of work and classes to CB. I wrote the current Intern Training Manual and had the pleasure of training a new batch of interns this year.

My time at Community Boards helped me grow both personally and professionally by allowing me to discover and dedicate myself to work I enjoy, and to connect with inspiring people invested in the work they do and the people they help. Community Boards holds a very special place in my heart and I look forward to staying involved with CB in the future.

#2: Volunteer Mediator Survey & Focus Group  
A big thank-you to everyone who participated in our 2017 Volunteer Mediator Survey!

The survey is just one part of our mission to improve the personal and professional experiences of our cadre of volunteers. For instance, many survey responders wanted opportunities to meet with their fellow mediators. So we've reinstituted our quarterly Mediation Meetups! Expect more of the same as we plan for 2018.

Here's a snapshot of what our Community Mediators told us:
  • 75% percent said they use their mediation skills personally at home and with friends or family
  • 42% use these skills as volunteers with other organizations
  • 40% also use them on the job and in their workplaces.
  • People want more opportunities to meet with other Community Boards mediators.
  • People are interested in refresher and "reboot" trainings and workshops.
  • They want more opportunities to mediate.
  • Many said they'd be interested in helping out with outreach.
Our next step is to convene a focus group for further fact gathering and discussions. If you're interested in sharing your experiences and expertise, just click below.

#3: Our Mediator Meetups Have Returned!    
For those of you who are not familiar with Mediator Meetups, they are two-hour meetings led by Karen Lipney, our ADR Programs Director, for the benefit of our volunteer Community Mediators. They will be held quarterly from 6-8pm at our Opera Plaza offices throughout the year. If you can't attend in person, we offer a phone-in option. We'll provide a light dinner and beverages.
The goal of the Mediator Meetups are:
  • Build a sense of community among the volunteer mediators
  • Provide a forum to learn from each other
  • Discuss Community Boards mediation-related topics
  • Share ideas, tips, and techniques
  • Continue to build conflict resolution skills
  • Participate in engaging dialogue
For the first meeting on September 27, the agenda will include topics that have been raised by mediators. Because we want these meetings to be structured and yet organic in nature, topics can be added or deleted as the conversation flows.
For future meetings, Karen will solicit topics to keep the Mediator Meetups a relevant resource.

Below are the 2017-18 Mediator Meetup dates, which we encourage you to register for as soon as you can. Space is limited.
If you'd like more information or to submit a discussion topic, please contact Karen, (415) 920-3820 x109, klipney@communityboards.org.   

#4: How Are Conflict Coaching Skills Used?      
A unique tool to add to your box of methods for preventing and addressing conflict may be found in the flourishing field of coaching. At a minimum, coaching may be defined as an alliance between a trained coach and a client who wants to improve and enrich one or more aspects of his or her life.
The role of the coach is a combination of personal consultant, supporter, advisor, motivator, and trainer.  
Private Practice: Individuals hire coaches to help them identify and work towards gaining balance in one's life, to articulate and clarify a vision, to develop a mission statement for life, to better manage time and tasks, to make a career or relationship transition and so on.
Workplace: At an organizational level, internal staff such as human resource professionals may coach staff in their career development as a way, for example, of supporting improved performance and productivity.
In whichever context and for whatever objectives, coaching is gaining a foothold in organizations and corporations, in small businesses, and at a personal level.

From Conflict Coaching: A Preventative Form of Dispute Resolution by Cinnie Noble on Mediate.com.

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#5: Board of Directors, President's Update
Please let me introduce myself. For the last 30 years I have worked as a San Francisco lawyer specializing in civil rights, human rights, and criminal justice. My experience has proven to me the importance of conflict dispute resolution and the power of restorative justice. I am very excited to be coming on as Board president.

It is my hope that through Community Boards we can train and empower individuals and communities with the power of mediation and the healing principles of Restorative Justice. I look forward to working with our incredible Board and its exceptional Executive Committee: VP Brittny Bottorff, Secretary Sachin Ganpule, Treasurer Serena Mau, and Executive Director, Darlene Weide.

We are very excited to welcome our two new members, Allen Brandt and Rick Yuen. Allen, an attorney at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman with expertise in federal Indian and tribal law, understands the draining effect of unresolved conflicts. Rick, Assistant Dean and Judicial Officer, Emeritus- Stanford University and former Dean and Director of the Asian American Activities Center, strongly believes in the need for community-based Restorative Justice practices. Both are excited to work with Community Boards in building better communities through constructive dispute resolution.

Here we are at the
SF Peacemakers!
I'm pleased and proud that the Board's high energy involvement in our recent 2017 SF Peacemaker Awards made it our most successful benefit ever.  

This is going to be an exciting year.  We are looking to recruit new members to work with us. If you are interested or know a good candidate please contact Brittny Bottorff at brittny@maierlawgroup.com, or me at gerilynngreen@gmail.com.

I look forward to meeting with you at the Fall Board Event that will be announce in the near future.
Thank you for supporting Community Boards!
Geri Lynn Green, President