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The Highest Court

In The Land May Give Us A Christmas Miracle!

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A Christmas Note From President of Eagle Forum of CA, Summer Boger, December 4, 2022

Christmas is the time we celebrate the greatest gift to mankind, a Savior is born, Jesus Christ. The greatest gift since that time has been America. God gave us a fresh beginning, like Gideon's army, only a few good men, a rag-tag army extremely low on resources went up against the most well-oiled, trained and resourced redcoat army in the Revolutionary War, and they won.

Willing to risk it all, they were all-in, while real threat of death by freezing while sleeping on the snow, drowning on the freezing river, being wounded, starved, captured, or diseased, with all this on their heals, they marched. They marched even though some marched without boots and with bare feet, and or without pants because of the march and battles before; these brave men on December 25th, won the battle at Valley Forge, leaving a stained trail of blood in the snow, not from battle but from marching in bare feet that icy day. Why? Did they do it for themselves? No, they did it for all of us.

We still have about 57 known indefinitely imprisoned prisoners of the political war, many in solitary confinement since January 6th, 2021. Please scroll down to find out how you can help them this Christmas!

Those men of valor, both the Revolutionary War soldiers and todays political prisoners have a belief in the God of the bible, as did most of our founding fathers. We are so blessed by God to be given a country like never seen before on earth, a country where the founding was based on a government for the people, by the people, under God. From the birth of this great nation has come the greatest freedom ever enjoyed, prosperity and blessings the world has ever seen.

Remember the great sacrifices made for us, the great labor ensued for us, the great toil done before us, and miracle begotten on our behalf to be here to enjoy this holiday worth celebrating. Remember, it was by a miracle this county was brought into existence and by a miracle IT WILL BE SAVED! God did not bring us this far to see us fail now. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth among the wicked yet, with great joy and gladness will the faithful praise God!

SCOTUS Could Take 388 Out Of Office


One Snap Of The Fingers

A complaint filed by Raland J. Brunson has made it to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS),

Docket #22-380, where 9 Justices in conference will vote (only 4 positive votes needed) to move to a hearing as early as Friday. This could take out 385 members of Congress, as well as Biden, Pence and Harris in one fell swoop!

Pray for the Loy Brunson case that is in front of our 9 Justices this Christmas season. Docket #22-380, defendants include Pres. Biden, Harris, former V.P. Pence and 385 members of congress for breaking their oath of office by voting AGAINST the proposition (that came from members of congress) to investigate the claims that there were enemies of the constitution who successfully rigged the 2020 election.

How can you support, and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign, and domestic? Answer: You investigate. If there are claims that there is a threat, even if you don't believe there is a threat, you investigate. How else can you determine if there is a threat unless you investigate? You can't. Were there claims of a threat to the Constitution? Yes. Where did these serious claims come from? 100 members of Congress. What was the threat? That there were enemies of the Constitution who successfully rigged the 2020 election. Is this lawsuit about a rigged election? No, it's about the members of Congress who voted AGAINST the investigation thereby thwarting the investigation. Was this a clear violation of their oath? YES. On November 30, 2022 the complaint was accepted to SCOTUS, 9 Justices will be meeting soon to discuss the case and decide (by vote) if they want to move it to a un-doceted hearing, where they will officially judge the case and decide (by vote) if defendants should be removed from office). This is really exciting! Spread the word!

Pray for our Supreme Court Justices!

Get The Full Scoop HERE! Start with

Juan O Savin w/ AMP > Supreme Court Election Case Continues Uncontested

(Go to 9 min mark if on a time crunch to hear about our amazing SCOTUS!)

Get Copies of The Filing HERE at


Please Help Feed, Cloth & Send Cards to those still in prison without a fair and speedy trial from being at the capitol on January 6th! Click HERE

The Truth and Facts Very Few Know Anything About

Introducing “The Political Prisoner Podcast” With Host Jake Lang from Prison and Sponsored by The Gateway Pundit

Learn more in our former Eagle Forum newsletter here

Jake Lang reads his letter from Alexandria Prison (abbreviated version),

"I am being targeted and tortured for my political beliefs and my rights completely infringed; I'm blocked from my lawyer. These are clear cut abuses to my due process rights.  With dignity and forbearance myself and others from January 6th have spent 600+ days (22+ months) in solitary confinement. We continue to be completely abused and treated as less than human. Without the love of Christ, none of us would still be alive, it's key to our survival."

Donate HERE Today at

There Are Many PPOW's, Political Prisoners Of War

Here is a list of 60 more!

Go HERE to CAPP, Citizens Against Political Persecution To HELP


Please visit the website to learn more about the Political Prisoners and you can download this list of prisoners who can use cheer, if you have a big family or party coming up this holiday or a long list of people you plan to contact, please encourage them to participate with you in helping those who have been locked away to keep the truth hidden. Pray this comes to light and these people are let out of prison. Buy some greeting cards and address them. Doing it by yourself will take about 2 hours to address the envelopes and stuff them with a card. Divide how many people you have in your party by 120 minutes and this is how long it will take to do this simple heart- warming act!

Another January 6th Prisoner, Dr. Simone Gold Tells All

Please Help Feed, Cloth & Send Cards to the J6ers! Click HERE
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