Last month we sent a survey link to learn more about your thoughts on Shumla and our communications. Thank you to the 73 respondents who completed it. Your feedback will help us to focus on the things that matter most to you in our connections and communications. Here's a synopsis of what you shared and some very high-level "take aways" for us.

Connection to Shumla and our mission (73 responses)
Over 80% of respondents shared that they feel personally connected to Shumla, that they are well-informed about what is going on at Shumla and they know what to expect from Shumla. Just over 50% of respondents shared that they are committed donors to Shumla.
Take away: It is wonderful to see that the majority of folks feel personally connected to us and our mission. We will continue to do our best to maintain our relationship with each of you through our communications, particularly taking into account what you shared below. And we will work to earn your support even more.

Use of (70 responses)
90% of respondents stated they use the Shumla website to find out about the latest news. 77% to learn more about Shumla's research. 47% to donate to Shumla. And 44% to share Shumla with others. (Respondents could select all that apply.) Decreasing from there in descending order, respondents shared they use the website to find out about visiting the Lower Pecos, learn about internships and educational programs, watch presentations by staff and read the Shumla Blog.
Take away: We had focused quite a bit of energy into our blog posts and Presentations web page in an effort to give viewers a deeper dive into the work and research we are conducting. The finding that very few respondents use those platforms will help us to focus our energy more on keeping our latest news and more general research plans front and center on our website.

Use of Shumla social media (38 responses)
Quite a few folks commented that they "don't do" social media and shared that they appreciate the eNewsletters for receiving their Shumla information. 80% of the 38 respondents who answered this question stated they use our social media platforms to learn more about the field of archaeology and rock art research in general and to keep up with Shumla's activities.
Take away: This response, combined with the response below about eNewsletters, tells us that there are those who get their Shumla news from Facebook and Instagram and a whole other group who get their Shumla news from eNewsletters. This is wonderful feedback and shows the value of providing both types of communication. We will keep it up!

What you like about the eNewsletters (68 responses)
Respondents shared that they look forward to receiving updates about the Alexandria Project and Shumla's archaeological programming, future projects, staff activities and the chemistry lab the most.
Take away: This is very helpful for me. As I draft the eNews each month, I will make sure to focus on the topics of most interest to you.

Tell us why you give to Shumla (63 responses)
94% of respondents shared that they give to Shumla because they believe in our mission to preserve the rock art of the Lower Pecos Canyonlands.
Take away: This result warms our hearts so very much. We feel intensely committed to our mission and we're so glad you are too!

Thank you again to all who responded. If you don't see your thoughts reflected here, rest assured we have read and taken to heart all responses and comments.

If you would like to add your thoughts to our results, we have reopened the survey. Simply click here to add your voice and help us better connect and communicate with you!