A Breath of Fresh Air!

The Renaissance Cleveland Hotel recently celebrated its 100th anniversary with a little help along the way from their friends, Brewer Garrett, Jacco and Aaon.  The trio recently partnered together to ensure that the historic hotel was up to code in providing fresh air.

The Problem: 
The 491-room hotel, located in the heart of Downtown Cleveland, was originally built in 1918. The hotel underwent a renovation in 1986, but at the time, codes still did not require fresh air input throughout the entire hotel. However, the codes changed, and the hotel needed to add air quality solutions to ensure it was up to code. They needed to bring fresh air into its historic lobby and throughout the entire structure. However, they needed to do so without disrupting the roof or the historical feel of the hotel. 

The Solution:
Jacco helped design two 100% outdoor air units to supply fresh air at 70°F and 50% humidity. Working with Brewer Garrett,
we came up with two 55-ton Aaon units
to meet the load for fresh air, and BG constructed a platform for the units since holes could not be cut in the roof. The outdoor Aaon units now supply fresh air
to the entire hotel.
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