Wednesday Night Town Hall
Back to the Future:
The History of Palmetto Bay Zoning and Where We Go From Here
When it comes to the community we all love and call home, we know that you, our residents, are very invested in our future. Many of you had the opportunity to attend the lecture series that started with renowned city planner and urban designer Jeff Speck and closed with the Downtown Urban Village code presentation by highly respected local planner, Victor Dover. The series highlighted new redevelopment ideas within the context of neighborhood and community living, including smart cities technology and age-friendly options.
Tomorrow evening, join Councilmember David Singer as he takes you step-by-step through the evolution of the Downtown Urban Village code, or "D.U.V." By the end of the evening, you will know how a small fraction of land that began years ago as a train stop for a fruit packing plant now provides an opportunity for an historic transformation. We'll explain our zoning, how incorporation gave us more control to limit growth, and how we can use that discretion to further develop as a community without compromising our assets. We'll also talk about common misconceptions about development, and address the idea of easing the tax burden away from residents .
This is a Town Hall you don't want to miss.
Wednesday, August 1
7 pm
Village Hall

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