March 2016

Ernestina in New Bedford Harbor
                                                                                                                      photo by Roland Morin
March 29, 2016

Hope to see many of you at the  April 7 lecture of the New Bedford Whaling Museum's  2016 Sailors' Series "A Century of Design & Invention".   

Chester Brigham, author of  "Phoenix of the Seas" will recount the journeys and travails of the  Ernestina-Morrissey ,   Following the discussion of her history, Master Shipwright David Short, Project Manager for Boothbay Harbor Shipyard and Captain Harold Burnham, DCR's Owner's Representative, will provide insights into the restoration project ongoing in Maine. 
If you want a preview of the event Chet will be interviewed by Phil Paleologos on WBSM about 9:20 - 9:50 am on Thursday March 31.
AND Chet and Harold will be on WCAI's The Point with Mindy Todd Tuesday April 5 at 9 am, rebroadcast at 7 pm.  (both available for online listening)
It's not too late to Order your tickets for April 7 then check out the articles below for what's been going on in the shipyard.

Fair Winds,
Mary Anne McQuillan
Secretary, SEMA
Lining Up the Keel

Since the last Update t he pieces of keel have been rolled into place and the top is being fit into place.  The four 15,000 pound lead pieces will be jacked up to be joined with the wood along with the scarfed wood keel end timbers....
Stern Structure Taking Shape

Photo Credit - Ross Branch
Ernestina-Morrissey's stern needed to be entirely rebuilt.  While the new ke el is being moved into place the shipwrights are working on the timbers that will provide the frame for the stern.  
Futtocks and Frames

The framing of a ship the size of 
 cannot be cut from a single piece of wood so futtocks are cut and paired to form the frames.  Care is taken to make sure that where the butts of the individual futtocks meet there is a sufficient separation from the joint in the sister futtock in the same frame.

Schooner Ernestina Commission Meeting 


The next Commission meeting will be scheduled for Thursday, April 7, 2016 at 2:00 pm at the New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park Visitors' Center. 33 William St. New Bedford.  

Check the  Upcoming Events on the website  for details.

Check the Commission page on the DCR website for more information.  Scroll down for Meeting Information.


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