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April 2, 2014

Greetings Pinball Fans,  


This past week was especially busy and productive for JJP!


We started in Las Vegas at the Nightclub and Bar show. We were invited by our friend and JJP supporter Brad Burdsall, who exhibited at the show introducing his new Habla Diablo Bloody Mary Mix which received an awesome response. We brought a 75th Anniversary Edition WOZ which was virtually played nonstop. Many of the bar owners in attendance commented that they did not know that new pinball machines were still being built. Certainly being at this show with WOZ was worthwhile.



 Brad Burdsall and Jack at the Nightclub and Bar Show   


Jack continued the week with a visit to the JJP Midwest Campus. There he played the current updated Hobbit Whitewood. Jack said "I was very happy with the progress. The Hobbit has a very challenging playfield with a lot going on. This is a big strategy and battle game. It is a much different shooting game than WOZ, I am very excited to see the finished product!"   



Game Designer, Joe Balcer playing The Hobbit Whitewood

Graphic Designer/LCD Artist, JP De-Win has been working very hard on The Hobbit Pinball as well. View the video below to see a glimpse of the progress he is making. We expect another Hobbit update soon. 


The Hobbit Pinball Machine - LCD Display
The Hobbit Pinball Machine - LCD Display
Be sure to set the quality to 720p


Jack then visited with Pat Lawlor at his design office to see the progress on his game. Pat also invited Jack to his home to learn more about his new game and to check out his pinball collection.  


Jack, Pat Lawlor and Ted Estes at Pat's Design Office   


Pat Lawlor with a row of his #1 games & Jack at Pat's home   


The week continued with the Texas Pinball Festival. Lines of people waited to play WOZ. On Saturday evening Jack and Butch Peel spoke. Click here to listen to their PinChat -


JJP also released the final version code 3.0 - the download is on the JJP Support Site.


Every day, Jersey Jack Pinball continues to build and ship games. More and more games are getting out there and it's great!  


ECLEWOZ Owners, Irene and Vinny picked up #386 at the factory yesterday  

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