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                SUNNEN AUTOMOTIVE E-NEWS                      APRIL 2015
The Sunnen SV-20 allows Dart Machinery to hone a wide range of engine block designs with high precision.

Sunnen SV-20 puts Dart on target with high-precision, highly flexible honing


Dart Machinery is a world leader in manufacturing engine blocks for racing and high performance enthusiasts - as well as replacement blocks for a variety of Detroit V-8 engines. Dart uses its mastery of peaks and valleys, specifically in honing cylinder bores, to produce custom results with near-mass-production efficiency. "Advanced honing provides a key differentiator for maintaining a competitive advantage and achieving greater efficiencies and flexibility in processing an ever-changing mix of blocks," says Dick Maskin, Dart founder and president.


A new SV-20 honing system from Sunnen enables high-precision, highly-flexible honing of a wide range of block designs and metallurgies in a single continuous process without the need for stone change. American-made in St. Louis, the SV-20 replaced a more expensive, European-built honing system that "just wasn't a good fit for our production, not flexible enough," according to Maskin. 


Click HERE  to read the full article on how Dart's use of the Sunnen SV-20 helped the company replicate "best" engine parameters and produce expert results.
Sunnen SV-20

Sunnen SV-20: breakthrough power, capacity, precision and price


The SV-20 honing system combines Sunnen's new linear servo-stroking technology with the power and capacity to drive multi-stone diamond tools for OEM-quality bore geometry on automotive blocks and cylinder liners.


The U.S.-built SV-20 is a breakthrough design with class-leading price and features, such as computer-controlled spindle and stroke control, developed specifically for race shops, production rebuilders, and fleet maintenance facilities. The SV-20 is equipped with a variable-speed 15-600 rpm, 5.5 hp (4.1-kW) spindle motor, powerful enough to drive two-stage diamond honing tools through a 20-inch stroke at up to 100 strokes per minute for short cycle times and minimal labor.


A rotary servo tool feed system allows automatic two-stage honing for both rough and finish cycles. The SV-20's new linear stroking system with 3.36 hp (2.5 kW) servo drive keeps the honing tool concentric with the bore throughout the full stroke length to produce a consistent diameter from top to bottom of the bore. 


See the SV-20 in action HERE.


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The SV-10: Sunnen's stalwart cylinde r hone
Sunnen SV-10
Although the new Sunnen SV-20 cylinder honing machine has been getting most of the a ttention lately, not all shops need the high-end features of the SV-20. For those  shops, the Sunnen SV-10 is still the perfect choice.

The Sunnen SV-10 cylinder hone combines the latest technology with the consistency and dependability of the legendary CK-10/CV-616, and continues today as one of Sunnen's best selling honing systems.

The SV-10's patented, real-time, full-bore profile display allows you to dwell in the exact position where the bore is smaller. The touch-screen control enables easy speed adjustments, without belt or pulley adjustments.

Variable independent spindle and stroke drives have crosshatch angle calculation allowing virtually any crosshatch ang le to be obtained.

Tooling options for the SV-10 include the new DH-Series diamond honing tools or existing CK/CV tooling.

The made-in-the-USA Sunnen SV-10 is built to make your vertical honing faster, easier, more precise, more productive and more profitable. 

Bob Dolder: Sunnen engine honing expert
Bob Dolder, Sunnen Automotive Application and Sales Manager

If you have an engine or automotive honing related question, Sunnen's engine expert Bob Dolder would like to hear about it.

Bob is Sunnen's new Automotive Sales and Application Manager for the engine building and performance markets. He is a 17-year veteran of Sunnen and three-time winner of the prestigious Joe Sunnen Salesman of the Year award.

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