November 4, 2022

The Holiday Season

Dear Friends,

The weather has started getting cooler, and the holiday season is just around the corner. This time of year is meant to be filled with joy, presents, and lots of food. While your kids may be focused only on candy, turkey, and Santa, if you're considering divorce, you likely have other things on your mind.

The holidays can exacerbate feelings of frustration in your marriage. If you're married to a narcissist, as many of our clients are, your spouse may be great at putting on a show for others. They may show up right when it's time to cut the turkey or give out presents. But who made the turkey and spent the last two days cooking? Who went to three different stores to find the exact gift your daughter's been wanting and stayed up late wrapping everything? It can feel like you're doing all the work and your spouse swoops in at the last second to get all the credit.

I see too many folks singlehandedly doing everything for their families with little to no help from their spouses, especially during the holidays. Healthy marriages, however, involve both spouses' contributions - and not just when it's convenient or fun. If you're considering divorce and would like to talk through your options with an attorney, please feel free to call our office.

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Stay well,

Bill Gentry

Gentry Law Firm LLC

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Events & Updates

Chalktoberfest 2022

This year, Sally Macaulay and her incredible team at the Marietta Cobb Museum of Art put together yet another amazing Chalktoberfest!

Our sponsored artist, the very talented Jan Riggins, created another unbelievable 3D piece (left).

We are so proud to be sponsors of this staple Marietta event, that just gets bigger and better every year!

Click here to see more amazing pictures from this year's Chalktoberfest artists. We can't wait until next year!

Meet the Team: Zoe

My Our Marketing Assistant and Legal Assistant, Zoe Grant, is a current UGA student and has been part of the team since May!

Outside the office, she loves buying new plants, going to football games with her roommates, and finding new places to eat in and around Athens.

You can read more about the rest of our outstanding team here.

News & Resources

Marriage Is Hard. Just Ask Tom and Gisele.

The 45-year-old superstar quarterback Tom Brady and the 42-year-old supermodel Gisele Bündchen announced last week that they had gotten a divorce — reports said they disagreed about Mr. Brady’s decision to end his retirement and return to playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In my neck of the woods, Brooklyn, this is not a typical reason to get divorced. Most of us aren’t in relationships where everyone involved can monetize insanely beautiful bodies for millions of dollars.

The contours of it, however, are familiar: One person in the marriage has forfeited a career to enable the other one’s success. Then the beneficiary of that trade-off is supposed to reciprocate, but doesn’t. In heteronormative marriage it is, with disappointing regularity, the woman’s career that suffers.

Click here to read the full article from the New York Times.