ISSUE 5: JUNE 2021
Winner, Winner, Ice Cream for Dinner!

How much does Melanie Ver of San Franciso love going to Shaws for ice cream? She named her dog Mitchell! Check that. It's actually Michele. Nonetheless, Melanie is straight out of central casting as the inaugural winner of our Pint of the Month Club trivia contest in our May newsletter: Melanie's late father, Alfonso, a physician, would often bring Mitchell's Ice Cream home after a long day at his medical practice, or wait in line with his young daughter for a cone after a family dinner on the town.

Melanie's mother, Becky, still enjoys a scoop or two of Rocky Road. So there inevitably will be two spoons digging into the quart of Mitchell's Flavor of the Month -- a flavor not featured on our year-round menu of 17 Mitchell's offerings -- that Melanie brings home from Shaws for the next year as a reward for her trivia savvy.

First up: Peach, one of Mitchell's summer-only offerings . . . and our June Flavor of the Month!

If you have yet to enter our monthly trivia contest (which started in March with a $50 gift certificate giveaway), take heart: You don't have to buck lottery odds to emerge from the pack with your own Pint of the Month membership. Melanie was one of just 17 entrants last month, and just one of four who made it into our May drawing with the correct answer.

While we like to make our trivia questions challenging (not an easy task when everyone has Google at their fingertips) May's question from our Giants-themed CandyLand newsletter will go down as an epic stump:

When Douglas Shaw opened his West Portal store, what was the name of the Giants' home stadium?

It's unlikely that anyone was tripped up on the date that Shaw opened his doors: 1931 is all over our website, labeling and other branding. But it was knowing that year that likely got most of our contest entrants turned around: 1931 also was the year that Seals Stadium -- the minor league stadium located in San Francisco's Mission District for nearly three decades -- opened for business. Some 70% of our entrants took the bait, entering "Seals Stadium" as their answer.

Yes, the Giants did play in Seals Stadium for two seasons, 1958-59, after their hasty cross-country relocation to San Francisco left them without a proper home until the completion of Candlestick Park for the 1960 season. But in 1931, the year in question, the Giants were one of three major league franchises located in New York City and played their home games in Manhattan's Polo Grounds (the correct answer), renowned for having the most expansive outfield in the major leagues.

We'd love to tell you that our June trivia question (located a few scrolls south) is easier, but what fun would that be? We're hoping that a monthly quart of a unique Mitchell's flavor for a year, a $96 value, is incentive aplenty to flex your mental muscles.

It was for Melanie, who got a full serving of Shaws' nostalgia when she came to the shop to pick up her Pint of the Month card: The man in front of her ordered Macapuno, which is made from coconuts imported from the Phillipines. That was the favorite flavor of her father, who was of Filipino-Spanish descent.

If trivia isn't your thing, might we suggest a workaround in obtaining your very own Pint of the Month Club? We'll knock 22% off the card's actual value and usher you to the front of the line with just a click. Stop trying to keep track of all the birthdays and graduations and major life events of those in your orbit: Give the gift that says "I've got you" 12 times a year!
Overwhelmed by our
ice cream options?
With 17 year-round flavors, a Flavor of the Month and a seasonal offering or two, getting the ideal double-scoop combo can take a lot of tasty experimenting. Or you could just check out the brand-new ICE CREAM 101 page on our website for a detailed look at all our Mitchell's flavors!
June Flavor: Peach
Confessions of a Juicy Fruit
FAVE BAND: Peaches & Herb

FAVE ALBUM: Eat A Peach, Allman Brothers

FAVE SONG: Rotten Peaches, Elton John

FAVE BOOK: James & The Giant Peach

FAVE STATE: Georgia. Duh.

FAVE MITCHELL'S FLAVOR OF THE MONTH: Is this a trick question?
What A Long, Strange Trip
The most unique students ever to pass through the hallowed halls of academia deserve a one-of-a-kind gift. Shaws has you covered.
Congrats to Shaws' own Class of 2021 grads! You six young women will always be part of our lore, having helped re-establish our iconic establishment from near-extinction.
Go forth and conquer the world!

P.S. We're gonna need some new employees!
My Deal With The de Vil
In June's Candyland blog entry, the summer's first blockbuster entry from Hollywood, Cruella, has Diana Zogaric flashing back to the career that set her on the path to rescue Shaws from oblivion.

Here's an excerpt:

Without Cruella de Vil, there would have been no reincarnation of Shaws Candy.

I was a couple of years out of college at Michigan State. I was working as an editor for the Ford Motor Company’s employee news station at its massive Dearborn, Mich. headquarters and renting a farmhouse in Ann Arbor that came with its own history: local punk icon Iggy Pop once had a recording studio on the property.

It was an interesting life for an untethered mid-20s woman. Then, a more interesting life called from the coast.

Craig Murray, a Michigan State alum, had gone to Hollywood seeking his fortune and found it making movie trailers, those two-minute (give or take) previews whose mission was to entice patrons of other movies to watch yours. In the mid-1990s, Murray’s company was blowing up. He couldn’t hire editors quickly enough. If you were a fellow Spartan with a work ethic, the rest of your resume didn’t much matter. Even if the only editing you’d ever done was for the country’s biggest carmaker.

My blue Escort station wagon wasn’t really up for the task of transporting even my modest belongings across the country, so my friend Chris, who lived downstairs from me, found some barrels in the barn behind our farmhouse and fashioned them into the most unorthodox of roof storage units.

I never got the acting bug, so my Hollywood didn’t torture me the way it does so many. Fact is, both my landings in California -- as a 24-year-old film editor in 1995 and as a mother of three young children in San Francisco’s West Portal neighborhood in 2009 -- were soft ones. I was warmly embraced by both communities. On my inaugural arrival, I found myself living on a Burbank residential street with so many of Murray’s recruits that folks called us the “Michigan Mafia.”

I had scarcely settled in when I met Cruella.

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May 2021
June Trivia Question

One answer per person.

Winner must pick up gift card in person at Shaws and agree to a picture for publicity purposes. The card is good for a pint of each month's featured Mitchell's Ice Cream flavor for one year (June 2021-May 2022).


On June 28, 1970, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York threw their first Gay Pride parades to commemorate the first anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in New York. But the very first Pride Parade took place the day before -- June 27, 1970 -- in this city.

To enter, click the link below and enter this information on the SUBJECT LINE:

1) Your name; followed by 2) your city of residence in parenthesis; followed by 3) a hyphen and your answer.

For example:

Julie Smith (San Francisco, CA) - Cleveland

4) Then enter your daytime phone number within the body of the email.

Entries that do not follow this format -- including the omission of a phone number in the body of your email -- will be disqualified. We will not use phone numbers for any purpose than to inform the winner. "Cleveland" is used for example purposes and is not the correct answer.

Entries must be submitted by 9 a.m. Friday, June 4.

All correct answers will be entered in a drawing for an annual Pint of the Month Club membership to be conducted live on Shaws Facebook page at 11:30 AM on Friday, June 4.

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