Vol. 4 | November 2017

Eugenia L. Weiss, clinical associate professor at the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work, discusses how social workers can support military-connected familes with deployment, reintegration and transition to civilian life. "When we imagine military families, we only really think about the immediate dependents, such as a spouse, partner or child. This is a narrow definition of family. ... We need to be more inclusive of the extended family members who are also impacted by military service and can serve as sources of support for our clients."   Read more
Drawing on his Green Beret background and 25 years as an attorney, Michael St. Denis, who's currently earning his Master of Social Work, is helping to build a platform to connect veteran service organizations with business leaders and employers. He turned to his old law firm for pro bono help writing a platform and operating software agreement. Read more
The U.S. government has defined a veteran as someone who has served honorably on active duty for a period of two years, with exceptions made for injuries and illnesses. The definition should be expanded to include anyone who has ever worn the uniform.  Read more
A recent ruling from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs could help veterans have fuller access to the care they need. Nurse practitioners are prepared by their education and training to prescribe medicine, but 28 states still restrict nurses from practicing to their full extent. The VA ruling granting them full practice authority is considered a victory for many who point to stressors in primary care gap.  Read more

Moral injury is a concept that is gaining in prominence as the third invisible wound of war. The aftermath of moral injury can range from such emotional traumas as shame, guilt, anxiety and anger, to alienation, withdrawal and self-condemnation. In this Lima Charlie News podcast, Hazel Atuel, CIR research associate professor, discusses the work being done in this field. Listen here


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