March 2020
Dear friends,

Our message in this newsletter is simple—embrace love and stand against fear. Reach out to your neighbor, your friend, your acquaintance—the person you bump into in the store. Take this a step further and reach out in your thoughts, your prayers—and in person if possible --to those you could consider to be your enemies.

Fear numbs and makes one unable to act. It drives normally reasonable people to do unreasonable things. It allows people to ask governments and authorities to enforce measures that in other circumstances would be unthinkable. It makes us suspicious, drives wedges between people. In it thrive those who spread anxiety, lies, paranoia and who sneer at hope.

As homeschoolers you are already ‘out of the box’, already taking a stand for your family’s health and well-being. May you grow in your strength and clarity to be able, out of love, to act thoughtfully and with compassion as you find the best ways to respond to the fear that presses in from all sides. May you find the strength to stand up to fear and to transform it into love.

Here are words from Rudolf Steiner which he wrote during the terrible years of World War I, that apocalyptic time when the seeds of discord which are now coming to fruition were sown. This passage can be helpful to take into one’s personal meditation at a time like this:
We must eradicate root and branch any fear and dread in our soul concerning the future that is coming towards us...We must develop composure with regard to all the feelings and sensations we have about the future; we must anticipate with absolute equanimity whatever may be coming towards us, thinking only that whatever it may be will be brought to us by the wisdom-filled guidance of the universe.
- Rudolf Steiner
Blessings to you all,