February 2020
Hello Friends,
Welcome to the February 2020 issue of the Christopherus Homeschool Journey newsletter.

First…we’d like to announce that our newly updated First Grade Syllabus is now available. It has been extended and deepened and improved. But unlike our Curriculum Overview , it has not been significantly rewritten. So if you have the Overview , it is definitely worthwhile getting the newer version—but if you kept your first grade syllabus for a subsequent child, you can make do with that.

Our new kindergarten publication, like the Overview , has been completely updated. Not only does it have a new name— First Steps on the Journey: At Home with Children 3—6, but it is twice as long as Kindergarten with your 3—6 year old which it replaces. There are now color pictures (drawings and paintings); more on rhythm and creating schedules; deeper and broader parenting advice; more how-to guidance on the arts; and more stories for you to use. It is altogether a much better publication than its predecessor. It will be available to purchase in a few weeks.
When I announced it on our facebook group I got into a discussion that prompted me to write this blog on my concerns about Forest Kindergartens. Much of this has to do with my disquiet that strong rhythms between being outdoors and coming into a home are being lost when the children are out all day and that such rhythms are a vital part of the therapeutic foundations of Waldorf education.
Back to the new kindergarten materials…. First Steps on the Journey: At Home with Children 3—6 together with The Journey Begins at Home and Joyful Movement constitute a complete at home early years program. We strongly encourage folks wishing to work deeply with the healing benefits of Waldorf education—with Christopherus—to purchase all three. The new publication will be available in a couple of weeks (watch for an email announcement) and at that time we will be offering a deal for those who purchase all three publications—probably a free box of lovely crayons from our partners Paper Scissors Stone. More in the email which announces availability!
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Thinking about college?

Those of you who have older children might be interested to listen to a free recording of a conversation between me and Jacob Hundt who has offered college counseling to a variety of interestingly-educated high school students here in Wisconsin. There are three videos and you can watch them here.

Need some help with your planning? Amy McGehee-Lee, who makes the lovely planners which go with Christopherus materials, is offering them at a much reduced price. Here’s Amy:

Magic Hollow, in partnership with Christopherus, is offering 40% off the 2019-2020 Homeschool Planner , til the end of February. Let our planner help you create a homeschool rhythm that supports the way your family lives and learns.

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