January 2020
Hello Friends,

Just a quick newsletter this month—I know we did not send out a December newsletter but that was because I have been so busy updating and rewriting publications!

We have a completely updated the Curriculum Overview —after 15 years the old one, though still useful, was in serious need of rewriting and updating. There are now more pictures, step-by-step instructions, deeper pedagogical advice and the Overview is now in sync with the flow of the Christopherus curriculum over the years. This guide is now much more useful in helping parents get the big picture while working with the Christopherus curriculum. DIY homeschoolers and teachers in Waldorf schools will also find it to be invaluable.
Our science guide, From Nature Stories to Natural Science has also been updated.

And we have brought back three of our plays for children from about 8 to 11.

Next projects? A third edition of the First Grade Syllabus and a rewritten and vastly improved kindergarten publication.

January Activities
Got the late winter blues? Here is a blog article I wrote some years ago which might help!
Some of you might be asking—hey, what about all those high school projects you told us about last year? Well….I’m afraid things have changed rather dramatically with regards to high school. I actually bought the property where I intended to launch off-grid high school homeschool programs in WI but…a number of things suddenly meant this wasn’t feasible. The main thing, perhaps, is that my husband’s work took him to New York. Well, I’m quite fond of him so I decided I needed to go too….and now here, that vision no longer is on the cards. I’m actually now doing more teaching and have several other projects unfolding before me.

I also have ended my distance programs with high schoolers. There were a few spectacular miscommunications and painful situations which made me realize that there simply is no substitute for face to face relationships with people, especially young people (and parents!).

I had also said my dear friend, Jacob Hundt, who has been working with unusually-schooled high schoolers over the past 15 years was going to offer college counseling through Christopherus. That was his intention—but his work has also taken him in new directions, most notably a very interesting 2-year gap year program for young adults.

He and I recorded three conversations speaking about college prep, the state of higher education in the US, and interesting alternatives to 4-year colleges here, in three videos (at the bottom of the high school page). I hope you find them useful. In the latter, Jacob speaks about Thoreau College, the initiative he founded in Wisconsin.
Need some help with your planning? Amy McGehee-Lee, who makes the lovely planners which go with Christopherus materials, is offering them at a much reduced price. Here’s Amy:

January is the perfect time to look at your homeschool rhythm. What is serving you and your family? What do you need to shift or change in order for your rhythm to serve you even better?
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Till February,
Blessings on your homeschool journey,