January 2021
Dear friends,
I am writing this on Martin Luther King Day. There is no need to retell Dr King’s life here: but there is, I feel, a pressing need for us to remind ourselves of just a few of the important words that he spoke in his all-too-short life.
Dr King was of course a Christian minister—his leadership was one based in the Love and Forgiveness of the Christ. It is impossible to appreciate the moral strength of the Civil Rights Movement in the US without truly embracing this fact. And while he spoke often in anger of the prejudices and pain he experienced and witnessed, he never encouraged violence. Indeed, as a Christian, his work was based in the difficult task of forgiving and loving not those with whom one basically agrees, but forgiving and loving those who could even be called one’s enemies. And so he could, without guile or hypocrisy state:
He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love.
Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.
Wherever you might stand on the political spectrum (if indeed you envisage your political life in those terms) it can be a good practice to check from time to time whether one’s own words and thoughts about forgiving and loving are only applicable to those who stand in the same place—or if those words are filled with real spiritual potential and are courageously extended to those in a very different place than oneself. Loving and forgiving those with whom one basically agrees is easy: loving those whose actions and thinking might be incomprehensible is the challenge. And perhaps through the restorative power of love that has been offered freely, one can then take steps to also understand what was once incomprehensible.
At a time when we are surrounded by the specter of tolerance not extended to those of opposing political and social thought, where a good half of this country’s population is written off as being stupid, right-wing, racist and deplorable, remembering the power of love and of forgiveness is needed more than ever.
In closing this tribute to Dr King, I wish to quote his most well known words from his I Have a Dream speech:
I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.
The dominant voices in academia which are spreading (like a virus?) into the rest of our culture say that this is nonsense, that the color of one’s skin determines—determines!!---everything. Like the Calvinists who claim that one is damned no matter what one does, the character of one’s life, actions and moral stand are not what counts: if one is Black or if one is White, then that is the determining factor of one’s behavior and worth. And so a Trump supporter like Kanye West is called ‘not Black’ and a White person claiming to be non racist is called a White Supremacist. Such an ideological way of thinking negates the individual and their unique path through life.
Christopherus Homeschool Resources as a company and as a part of both the Waldorf and homeschooling movements is committed to the loving impulses of the Civil Rights Movement, honoring the individual experiences of its customers, friends and clients, whilst celebrating the differences that bring richness, diversity and the full range of human experience to the fore. Christopherus will never make a statement—but it will always exert all of its efforts to empowering parents and teachers to bring a form of parenting and education to their children that arises out of the authenticity of their unique individual experiences enriched by their cultural backgrounds so as to honor both family background and the children’s unique paths of growth.

Leaving Facebook
From one difficult politically-charged issue to the next…!!! Here is a recording I made to explain why we have left social media. Hint: respect for the individual is only possible in freedom...and freedom dies when censorship—particularly censorship coupled with political motive coming from non accountable mega-companies—is imposed. So if you want to keep up with what we are doing at Christopherus, make sure you get this newsletter! Please feel free to forward to any and all interested.
It was interesting to see how quickly Facebook’s censorship algorithms kick in—I posted a link to a very reputable and reliable source of information about children and vaccination on my (now closed) facebook group and within ten minutes it had been taken down by FB. One of Children’s Health Defense’s top lawyers lives in my community—much of her work is focused on helping parents whose children have suffered from the bad effects of vaccination.

A New Platform
The exciting news is that we will be opening a new Christopherus support group on an independent platform. For a small sub, the one I have in mind allows folks to join conversation and support from me and from each other. I like the idea of a sub because, as I saw years ago when I had a yahoo group with a small subscription fee, it really ensures that only the committed join. This mean that the level of conversation can be very high.
We will send out a special email letting everyone know about the group as soon as it is up and working!

Christopherus Self-development Course
If you’re still with me…!!!...you might be interested in our self-development course. This Course has been created to empower and enable any parent working with Christopherus to deepen both her/his knowledge of Waldorf methodology and practical skills. While computer-based, there is plenty of encouragement and practical ideas to get people off their computers and out in Nature, journalling or doing artistic or reflective work. The Course is designed so each person can work their way through it at their own pace.

What the heck—back to politics again (‘in for a penny, in for a pound’ as they say in the UK). Here is a link to a landmark study undertaken by the state of New Hampshire documenting the dangers of 5G. This fight is not over yet—there is much work to be done.
And...as things to get more and more confusing and frightening in our world, do have a look at this page on our website (PEACE IN THE CHAOS). Although created mainly with those who became homeschoolers to avoid vaccinating their children in mind, there is, I hope, support for all of you as you make your way through this very dangerous and apocryphal time.
Until next month!
Blessings on your homeschool journey,