October 2020
Dear friends,
I would like to share a few Michaelmas thoughts with you all as we go into the Northern Hemisphere’s months of darkness and as the fear around us escalates. Here is the blog article I wrote about this essentially human and multicultural festival of courage.
And here is another blog focused on a way of being open to nature without our ‘categorizing mind’ getting in the way.
The blog above is an excerpt from our newest offering, On the Journey with Christopherus: A Self-Study Course. Becoming aware of our thought and behavior patterns can be an extremely potent aspect of self-development and is an important part of the Course. There is of course no compulsion—this is all about freedom and self-direction and people are encouraged to find their own relationship to the materials.
The Course consists of videos, documents to print out and recorded talks. There are artistic and nature exercises as well as many self-development exercises throughout. It is not a series of lessons which go in a set series, but components which can be worked with as a person wishes. Please click here to for further details.
There will also be a conference call option to this Course. I will be hosting a series of talks in blocks. Each talk will have a theme based on something from the Course and I will give a presentation on that theme. Then we will have conversation. These sessions are only open to those who have purchased the Course so we can be, more or less, on the same page and have focus and commitment.
The first block of calls is set for November/December of this year. And….the first 10 people who purchase the Course who want to participate in these sessions, can have them for free! Normally the block of calls will cost $75 (low income)--$175 (supporting). The second block will commence in January. It could well be that there is a Block A for newbies and a Block B for those who participated in the Nov/Dec calls. Logistics to be confirmed.
Please email erin@christopherushomeschool.org for further details. And if you are sure you want the Course and sure you want to participate in these free calls, you can send Erin notice of that so she can add you to a list.
Do also look for a special email which will be sent out as soon as the Course is ready to purchase. We are hoping that this will be in just a few weeks. One issue: for a number of complex (and too tedious to explain) technical reasons, we cannot offer our usual 3-tiered pricing system for this Course. Instead, we will have to manually make coupons available for those who cannot afford the $350 price-tag. So...do get in touch with Erin if you need that help.
So who, you say, is Erin? Ah--Erin is our new member of staff. She is responsible for customer care and a thousand projects and tasks which ensure that Christopherus flourishes. A former Waldorf student, she is excited to discover the reasons why things were done at school in the way they were.
We are tentatively excited to announce that our shipping woes seem...seem...to be solved. We now ship with UPS and the feedback we are receiving from Australia is that the speed of delivery is fabulous—and at about the same price as the USPS. So that is great! Domestic on the continent seems good—fast and not too expensive (and not subject to the ballot-mess which is presently adding to the woes of the postal service) but we still can’t figure out why it is costlier to ship to Hawaii and to Canada than to Australia...so if any of you small business owners out there who use UPS have any advice, do get in touch (with Erin please).
Watch this space for any updates! But at least for now things seem ok.
Oh—we should also let you know that UPS does not ship either to PO boxes or to APOs. So for the former, you’ll need to ship to a friend’s physical address and for the latter….I’m afraid international rates will apply.

Til November,
Blessings on your homeschool journey,