July 2021
Welcome friends!
Summer is the busy time for Christopherus and we start getting lots of requests for financial assistance from people. As you all know, we already sell our materials at three levels. The low income level does not meet our needs but is there for people with financial struggles. The supporting level helps us be able to offer this price. But our low income prices are still out of reach for some people. If anyone wishes to make a donation to help their fellow homeschoolers, please click here. 100% of funds donated are shared between those who need such support. Thank you for considering this request.
Please note that over the next few years—beginning this Fall—I will be completing our curriculum offerings for 7th and 8th grade. It is likely that there will also be several new publications suitable for high school. As always, however, caution regarding promises---our world is changing rapidly and both inflation and supply chain shortages effect our business. We will do what we can to continue to be of service!
Another new offering for 8th grade is focused on a study of electricity and magnetism. Find out more here.
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And now, let’s complete the public service announcements and get to our subject….

Is there such a thing as truth? Or is there only ‘your truth’ and ‘my truth’? Perhaps if we remember that we are spiritual beings and therefore live in a world in which finding real truth is a possibility, then we can strive toward finding an answer. For although it is certainly true that each of us has his or her individual experiences, that is so only on one level: on another level we can find the glorious paradox that shows that the individual, if rooted in truth, is also the Universal. How to honor the experience of the individual but to also keep hold of the Universal truths where we can meet—this is a great question of our time.
So while every child is an individual, there is also a lawfulness having to do with human development, a lawfulness applicable to all children: thus the individual and the Universal dance together to form the destiny of each human being. A task can be to really understand one’s destiny and one can only do that if one seeks the spiritual truth that gently weaves throughout one’s life.
Our society is right now in a time of upheaval and the inroads made by postmodernist-based thinking (including Critical Race Theory and Queer Theory) tell us that there is no Universal, no reason, no purpose. Postmodernist thinking is entirely materialistic—there is no God, no Spirit. There is only my truth and your truth and a cultural relativism that exists between. The clarity and rigor of seeking for truth is seen as, at best, a waste of time, at worst, hateful. If I question what you say or think, I am, in the view of way too many activists, doing you violence. The way forward for those who embrace this nihilistic viewpoint is through deconstruction, destruction, ‘breaking it down’. Indeed, amongst activists, ‘to queer’ is synonymous with ‘to disrupt.’ Rational scientific thinking is seen as Eurocentric, ‘White’ and an insult.

Here is a link to a talk I just recorded focused on this subject and share just a very few thoughts. Here is a link to our Christopherus Self Study Course which people might find useful as they explore their relationship to Spirit and their quest for Truth.

Each month we invite readers to make a contribution based either on the last issue’s topic or the present issue’s topic. Here Janet and ‘E’ both address ‘play’ and ‘truth’. I like this idea of play being connected to the energy of creation. I also think that in a child who has been left free in his play that one can observe the truth of his being as expressed through that play.
Play to me has been a bit distorted. Like there is much expectation on 'play'. Especially if as adults one does not really understand playing at heart. I find it has been something covered up in people and very connected to the vital energy of creation.
So moving to Truth. Well I wrote in a newsletter that play is a road to Truth. Or in the other side that Play comes from Truth. Truth is something still 'discussed' through many circles I have seen. And from experience that actually to be able to step out of circles...one can keep that connection to the goodness of real Truth as a feeling for thoughts and activity. Joy to you and all. Another bridge to strengthen living in Truth. Thank you, Janet

Your recent newsletter on play was very timely. I have seven children ranging from 13 to 9 months. One of the reasons we homeschool is because I highly value a slow paced childhood with lots of unscheduled free time. I was the first in my family to have kids and all but the eldest have been homeschooled their entire lives. There was always some comparison with my educational choices and those of the public schools but this has intensified now that my niece and nephew are school age. This is particularly true of my kindergartener, who is six months older than my nephew. I know it is best for my son to spend his days as he does currently - mostly poking around outside in our yard for hours, helping bake or cook, or playing imaginative games with his siblings. I know in my heart to ignore all the comments about the need to be reading and writing in kindergarten, but there is still the constant questioning and commentary that makes me second guess myself. It was nice to have someone reaffirm that play is of great importance to childhood. The play is the work for a young child.  
I look forward to your thoughts on truth. It seems as though the topic of truth is viewed as simultaneously irrelevant and so important as to allow for the trampling of our rights as individuals, if the truth being spoken about contradicts what suits the powers-that-be. We are being asked to deny the truth of what we can see with our own eyes, prevented even from discussing things with others in order to find the truth. This is distressing - what is life but the search for truth? What a confusing time for a child!
EE, mother of seven

The topic for the August issue of The Homeschool Journey is ‘celebrating family festivals.’ It would be great if anyone would like to write about how festivals—or a particular festival—takes place in their home. Or what about the struggles one has had to find the right way to celebrate festivals? That would be so helpful to so many people! Send anything you might write to donna@christopherushomeschool.org
The topic for September is ‘tests and testing.’

Our subject for October is ‘Christopherus homeschooling and special needs’--for this issue I am especially keen to have folks write from their experience. I know many of you have found Waldorf—and Christopherus in particular—useful and inspiring when homeschooling your child with special needs. Anything about the curriculum; about the trials and joys of homeschooling in your particular situation; about the dynamics of the family in such situations; about your child and his or her special needs and how you meet them—and/or struggle to meet them; how you cope and recharge as a parent. This topic in particular really needs contributions from those of you front-line in homeschooling a special needs child.
Til August,
Blessings on your homeschool journey!