April 13,  2018
Well, It's Time
"I was Thirsty-And you gave me water."

The Problem
In South Sudan and Niger, millions of women and children trek up to eight hours a day to collect water from marshes, ditches or hand-dug trenches where water is often contaminated.  Parasites and bacteria cause severe sickness, and even death, especially in young children. The people often have no choice what to drink. However tainted, water is crucial for survival. 

The Dream
Our dream is to build 10 wells that will provide after and save lives in this needy area of the world. We believe that this significant project could help provide health and stability to a number of villages. Given that children and adults die from water-born diseases, this is a project that will literally save lives. 

How is this Project Different?
Many organizations go for a brief stay in areas of drought, dig a well, and leave. A researcher from the University of Nebraska, traveled extensively and discovered that within a few years, the majority of such wells are broken and no longer in use. The people end up demoralized, having been promised a false future. This "brief stay" approach neglects two crucial dimensions of need. 

First of all, it does not empower the people of the area to learn to dig and repair their own wells. Second, it does not educate the local people about the importance of public health or change long-held cultural practices regarding water. 

The Presbyterian Church (USA) has a totally different approach. When the PCUSA sends someone to dig a well in such areas, they make a long-term commitment-usually 10 years. In short, the approach of the PCUSA is to change the local culture in its understanding of water and sanitation. We do this with over a century of partnership in this region. We honor local customs, traditions, language and leadership.

If you or your congregation would like to participate in a pledge over the next 3 years, let the Presbyter know of your support. Donate through your church's monthly mission or directly to the Presbytery address. 
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Time. It's such a valuable thing, and it never seems as if there is enough of it in the day. We, culturally, are always running from place to place and program to program, and it just never seems as if we have enough time to do the things that we want to do. It seems to slip through our fingers.

An yet, it's such and important thing for us to evaluate and use wisely. Because, when it comes to the people in our lives, it's the most important things that we can give. Because it is so precious and valuable, when we spend time on and with others, they know that they are important to us, and that sense of value changes relationships and makes a difference in people's lives.

This Lenten season, I invite you to consider the ways that you can give of your time to the people in your life and to your church family. Put down the phone at the dinner table to engage in conversation with those around you. - Pick up the phone and text or call to check in with a friend. - Come a little early or stay a little late at church and sit at a table with a cup of coffee and hear about a neighbor's day. - Stop and carry a bag for a stranger that is struggling., etc., etc. 

It doesn't have to be big blocks of time, just the effort to give a bit of your time makes a difference in the lives of others. 

May you always find the time to make connections and to share the love of God with others.

Are you Running with Me Jesus?, a prayer for the times.

Keep Thinking...

"If every Presbyterian gave one (more) dollar a month it would meet their budget...to make this a turnaround denomination." 
-J. Herbert Nelson, GA Stated Clerk

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