August 2 ,  2018
Youth Group Trip to Texas

The New Zion Youth Group traveled for a mission trip to Deweyville Texas May 21 through May 26th. They were hosted by the First Baptist Church in Deweyville Texas. 

Twelve members and five sponsors made the long journey. Upon their arrival they completed projects in the church and community. Projects included painting, cleanup from last year's hurricane and flooding, yard work, putting up trim work in homes and church properties. The group was also able to move a woman back into her home after almost a year of being displaced form her home waiting for renovations to be completed.

According to church officials, this church is in one of the poorest counties in Texas. They have a great mission for the poor and underprivileged, feeding them, providing a place for them to be, buying shoes and school supplies. On Wednesday night the church hosted its weekly community dinner, the members of New Zion's Youth Group were able to meet members of the community and share stories and experiences. They were able to meet and participate in activities with the youth of the church and community. 

Attending the 2018 mission tripe were Derek Gurnsey, Abigail Langdon, Cassie Brabec, Sawyer Kappel, Bailey Lemburg, Lane Kudera, Mitchel Beeson, Melissa Bunner, Hailey Kudera, Colyn Dlouhy, Ella Kappel, Drew Beeson, Pastor Steve Niles, Rowe Langdon, Sharon Cerv, Abbey Hamernik, and Maddie Cerv.

Thank you to all of the parents and members  of New Zion for supporting the trip, and giving the members and opportunity to share and grow in faith. A big thank you to the members and staff of the Deweyville First Baptist Church for helping make all of the arrangements and for their hospitality. 
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"  I have given God countless reasons not to love me. None of them has been strong enough to change Him.

-Paul Washer
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What happened at the 223rd GA?
 Small Churches

An item of business concerning small churches in the PC(USA) called for establishing a new department within the Presbyterian Mission Agency with a multi-million dollar financial implication. The committee amended the resolution to instead require a report on the existing and new programs designed to help smaller churches. The alternative resolution from the committee was passed by the assembly with 93 percent approval with no discussion. 

Native Churches

An overture called for the preparation of a comprehensive on-site inventory of all history Native American and Alaskan Native properties in the PC(USA) and to verify what needs to be done for their repair and continued use. Terry Palmer, a minister commissioner from Grand Canyon Presbytery, stated that the overture strengthens mission partnerships with Native American congregations. Edward Spence, a minister commissioner from Grand Canyon Presbytery, also spoke in favor of the overture, but pointed out that the budget was unnecessarily high. In his presbytery, volunteer retired civil engineers were able to do this in his presbytery at no significant cost. the overture passed with 86 percent approval.
Presbytery Disaster Assistance

Certainly by now everyone has heard of the multiple natural disasters that occurring in many parts of the US: Floods & Fires!

Would you/your congregation like to help? Here' how:

Check out website: to identify Gift of the Heart Kits
Clean Up Buckets Hygiene Kits School Kits

These are things your congregation can make/do/collect to get to those folks that are being dispatched to these areas.

What should we do with the kits when their done? Or items that we'd like to donate?

Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church in Lincoln, NE (Homestead Presbytery) is currently serving as a collection site. One trip was made February 2018 to deliver the first load. And it's time again: August 27-30, 2018

Please bring any COMPLETED KITS or KIT ITEMS to the August 17-18 Joint Presbytery meeting at Camp Calvin Crest & Retreat Center. And all items will be added to the load going in August.

Or if you would financially support this collection center and transportation costs, see note below.

If you have any questions: please call or email:

Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church, 8300 East Point Rd, Lincoln, NE. 68506
Web address:
Phone: 402-484-8844
Contributed funds: Payable to GSPC, Memo PDA Bucket Brigade

Maggie Horak
Phone 402-429-0523 (text any time or call 2-8 pm)

Thanks for getting involved and taking action outside your congregation to a world that God calls us to care for one another!

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