January 11,  2018
How Churches Use Data To Reveal Mission and Ministry Opportuniteis
By Angie Andriot
Presbyterians Today

Presbyterians are known as belonging to a "thinking" denomination. Our Reformed theology emphasizes the importance of having an educated clergy and an informed laity, and we have a long tradition of involvement in education, with more than 50 Presbyterian colleges and universities.
The PC(USA) also has one of the largest denominational research offices in the country. Our  Book of Orderstates that "truth is in order to goodness" (F-3.0104), and, as such, we are constantly discerning, learning and pursuing truth in order to put our faith into practice.
Ministries of the PC(USA) use our Clerk's Annual Questionnaire to discern information from congregations. These ministries also use our Presbyterian Panel to learn what Presbyterians want and need, providing the Church with insights into general practices, beliefs and opinions.
Mid councils and congregations use data to inform their ministry, too. Each year, the Office of the General Assembly collects data on congregations, which Research Services then shares with the denomination via our Church Trends website (church-trends.pcusa.org).
And, finally, congregations have used our Congregational Life Survey to identify mission and outreach possibilities and often turn to Research Services to obtain demographic reports on their surrounding communities.

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God's Higher Purpose
by Max Lucado

No moment, event, or detail falls outside of God's supervision. God is the one who "causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous"  (Matthew 5:45 NIV). He isn't making up this plan as he goes along.  Daniel 5:21 says, "The most High God rules the kingdom of men, and sets over it whom he will."

So, if God is in charge, why does he permit challenges to come our way? Wouldn't an almighty God prevent them? Not if they serve his higher purpose. The ultimate example is the death of Christ on the cross! Everyone thought the life of Jesus was over. Jesus was dead and buried, but God raised him from the dead. God took the crucifixion of Friday and turned it into the celebration of Sunday. Can he not do a reversal for you?

Keep Thinking...
"The hands of the Almighty are often found at the end of our own arms" 
-Sister Monica Joan
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Blessing Opportunity
~ Acts 20:35 ~ 2 Corinthians 9:7- 8 ~
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