The Homesteader:  October 19,  2017
Get in the Boat
By the Rev. Dr. Andrew McDonald, Senior Pastor, Westminster

Countless sermons have been titled, "You Can't Walk on Water Unless You Get Out of the Boat!" Point well taken. you have to take initiative to follow Jesus--including courageous actions. Therefore, when Jesus calls, step out on to the water. Discover when you follow him, you can do things you thought were impossible. The world needs people like peter who have the audacity to believe Jesus can make them walk on water.

But Peter never would have walked on the water if he had not been in the boat. The point of the story is that God comes in power to the church when we are together in the boat. When the church is doing the ordinary things Jesus expects us to do, suddenly the extraordinary becomes possible. The impossible becomes possible. Miracles happen through the church.

The word miracle comes from a root word that means "to smile, to laugh." I think of the smiles that beam forth when the church comes together and builds a new home for someone through
Habitat for Humanity. I think of the laughter that comes on Christmas when the miracle of giving shows itself. And when some group from our church goes down to serve dinner at Matt Talbot or the Gathering Place, how deep inside, people are fed not just with food, but with the knowledge that there are people who care about them. That joy is miraculous.

There are many water walkers in the church. You may be the next. In the midst of doing these loving actions together, Jesus may come to us, and inspire us to do something so marvelous, it seems to have come from God. That's what a miracle is. We will probably recognize it by the joy and the laughter.
Lend a Helping Hand
Gift of the Heart Kits:

Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church   (8300 East Pointe Road, Lincoln, NE 68506) 
will be a COLLECTION site for the Disaster Assistant Gift of the Heart Kits , including the Hygiene Kits , School Kits and most specifically  CLEANUP BUCKETS used to assist in flood recoveries!! All items will be sent to the Disaster Assistance Center warehouse in Ferncliff, Arkansas, where the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) stores them until needed. Currently they are out of buckets! So restocking them is desperately needed. 
Explore Good Reads 
By Edward H. Hammett

Seasoned Church consultant shares his latest insights and suggestions for churches seeking to serve all generations. CLICK HERE TO ORDER
PC(USA) Stated Clerk Calls Presbyterians to Action
by Duane Sweep

J. Herbert Nelson II is calling the church to do what is right.

Nelson, stated clerk of the PC(USA), spoke each morning during the annual Synod of Lakes and Prairies, telling Presbyterians to "get off your blessed assurances and do something for the Lord."

Synod School, the annual midsummer ministry of the synod, takes place every summer during the last week of July at Buena Vista University. This year, the registration totaled 686, a record by for the week-long event that ran July 23-28. 

Speaking with prophetic authority, Nelson asked Synod School attendees to consider their place in their communities."The society we are in has changed around us," he reminded in one of his address, and added, "We need to examine if we are the community we're supposed to be."
"Grow Up Already" Pt. 1
By Margaret Vogel

When my young adult friends say "I'm tired of adulting" they are most often sharing their frustrations over these realities. They feel stuck because in many ways they are. To adult is to become an effective manager of your life and while that is good, it feels incomplete.
This hunger for meaning is where I believe communities of faith can help. Revitalized communities of faith provide alternatives to "mindless adulting" by equipping men and women - both young and old - to discover and live their vocations. In these communities, stale catechesis is replaced by a Culture of Encounter and Vocation.
How do congregational leaders begin this revitalization? Read more Here
Keep Thinking...
"The best part of our knowledge is that which teaches us where knowledge leaves off and ignorance begins." O. W. Holmes
Blessing Opportunity     ~ 2 Corinthians 9:7-8
Some groups prefer to take a special offering to support a project. The value for each type of kit is given so you or your group can financially support purchase of kit contents. Hygiene Kit ($15) School Kit ($15)

Checks made out to Presbyterian Church (USA) and marked with "
Gift of the Heart - DR000151" can be mailed to:
Presbyterian Church (USA)
PO Box 643700
Pittsburgh, PA 15264-3700

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Physical Donations of any of the three designated above can be given to Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church In Lincoln.
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