The Homesteader - September 29,  2016
Inspired by New Beginnings, Community Garden Brings Unity
Presbyterian News Service , Robyn Davis Sekula
Hartford Street Presbyterian Church in Hartford, Connecticut struggled with what to do with 9 acres of land on its property after failing to use the land to build low-income housing for people in need. Eventually, the idea of a community garden was born.  CLICK HERE   t o read about how that garden helped to transform their racially and economically diverse church and community in amazing ways.
Church Can Be Weird
Brandon Hatmaker
Many times, Christians try to reach out to non-believers by inviting them to attend their churches, forgetting how foreign and alienating that may feel for some people. This article talks about a different approach to share our faith with non-believers and live out our worship by inviting them into our homes first to build relationships, bridging the gap between Christian and Secular lifestyles.
CLICK HERE  to read the article.
Who's Who in the Homestead Presbytery
Rev. Charity Potter
Bancroft First Presbyterian Church
Outstanding Homesteader Application
Nominations are currently being accepted for the Robert Giles Outstanding Homesteader award, which honors clergy and laity in the Presbytery who have made outstanding contributions to church and community life. Nominations will be accepted through October 31st. 
October is Pastor Appreciation Month!
October is Clergy Appreciation Month!  How will you show your appreciation to your pastor?  Send an email to  and you will be anonymously added to a list on the Presbytery Facebook group.  No ideas? CLICK HERE  for ideas!
In this issue
Blessing Opportunity  2 Corinthians 9:7-8
The 2016-2017 Presbyterian Giving Catalog has many practical gift ideas for ways to help those in need both locally and abroad. By giving the gift of chickens for only $25, you could provide a family with an ongoing source of food and nourishment. You can purchase a weekly bus pass for just $10 for Young Adult Volunteers that are serving in communities locally and across the globe. You can even purchase fuel for just $60 to help heat homes in Syria during the harsh winter months. These are just a few of the many opportunities to give. Please  CLICK HERE to learn more and purchase gifts for those in need.
New Presbytery Staff
Renee King
Communications Specialist
The newest addition to the Homestead Presbytery staff is Renee King. She recently started working for the Presbytery part-time in September after being a stay-at-home-mom for several years. She is married to her husband, Josh, and has two sons, James and Paul. She previously worked as a social worker and earned her degrees from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She is excited to be here and wants to say thanks to everyone she has met already that have been so welcoming!
Keep Thinking...
They will never known we are Christians by the conditions we put on our love.-Anonymous