When we think of summer camps, we think of warm days, fun with friends, and creating great memories. Add horses to the mix, and you're bound to have an experience you'll remember forever. 

For some participants, it's their first time in the saddle. It takes great courage for a 6-year-old to hoist their leg over a horse, but we've seen hundreds of children do just that. The excitement takes over, and they are immersed in adventure, only to find that the most challenging part is getting OFF the horse at the end of the lesson! Once you've connected with a horse that way, there's no turning back. We hope the children participating in our summer camp create lasting memories and develop a love for horses that will last a lifetime (sorry, parents!).

Over the last few years, Hearts has been ranked in the top three most popular summer camps offered through Santa Barbara Parks & Rec. We continue to sell out all weeks of camp in under 2 hours. We are honored that parents and children choose to spend their summers with our horses. In addition to riding, children partake in art projects and games (horse related, of course!). They learn about horse anatomy and how to care for a horse. You may be surprised to learn that one of the most popular activities is...MUCKING STALLS! Yes, the children love to scoop poop. It baffles us year after year, but hey - someone has to do it, and that's what it takes to look after our equine partners. 

We also want to extend a special thanks to the summer camp staff and volunteers who made this year so special. Summer camp could not take place without your hard work and dedication, and we are truly grateful.

We'll see you all for summer camp in 2023! 
The minis were on the MOVE this summer!
Minis on the Move is small but mighty! Vinnie and Pippa joined the Elings Park Adventure Camp for 4 weeks this summer. Vinnie and Pippa loved making new friends and teaching the kids all about horses.

Check out this adorable video.

Thank you, Elings Park, for another wonderful summer!
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