The Hoofbeat: December 2019
Lucy and Luke get caught under the mistletoe during a training ride
Seasons Greetings from the Hearts Therapeutic Family!

What a remarkable year it's been at the Hearts ranch. We are happy to report that we are closing out 2019 with a herd of 18 healthy horses, and a united team of dedicated volunteers and staff. Our participants continue to amaze us with their progress towards functional ambulation, improved speech, and non-verbal communication.

Our collective accomplishments would not have been possible without your donation of time and resources. Please accept a sincere thank you from the Hearts staff and board of directors. Your generosity of spirit continues to inspire us as we forge ahead into the new year.

Wishing you a warm and joyous holiday season!

Riders from the Alpha Resource Center pose after playing mounted holiday games
Pippa and Vinnie spread cheer at the Alpha Resource Center
Building Community Through Giving

Your year-end gift makes a big difference for many in need!

With your generous help, Hearts has served nearly 150 participants in 2019.

For Laura, riding at Hearts has helped her to walk again. At the age of 12, Laura suffered a myocardial infarction. She was determined to regain her independence through intensive physical therapy. This year, Laura has started to climb stairs unassisted. She reports that she can now walk to lunch without relying upon her walker. Her physical therapist is confident that she owes this newfound strength to her therapeutic riding lessons at Hearts. The joy that Laura finds in her favorite activity, horseback riding, remains her primary source of enthusiasm towards recovery. 

By donating to Hearts, you're ensuring that we can continue to provide these life-changing programs to individuals like Laura, now and into the future at our new ranch.

Thank you for your support!

Volunteers Change Lives

Interested in joining our volunteer team? Contact our volunteer program manager, Sarah for more information. No equestrian experience is required to join the Hearts team.

We are currently looking for volunteers for upcoming winter sessions. This is a great opportunity to spend time outdoors with Hearts horses and community members. Volunteers assist participants in mounted and unmounted lessons on the picturesque Hearts Ranch in Santa Barbara. Horsemanship and safety training is provided.

Contact Sarah to schedule a training session.
Join us for a tour of Hearts
Experience the heart and soul of our organization!

Come out to the Hearts ranch to learn more about our expanded programs, recent news, and the amazing individuals we serve. There are many opportunities to bring friends and family throughout the year to see our mission in action!

Join us on:

Tuesday, January 21 at 9:50 am

Please RSVP using the link below
I f you are unable to attend a scheduled tour but would like to learn more about Hearts programs, contact Lily to schedule a private tour.
 Sponsor a Hearts Horse
Pippa and Vinnie visiting our friends at The ALPHA Resource Center
Interested in sponsoring a Hearts horse? Contact Morgan to a schedule a visit with one or all of our 5 horses currently available for sponsorship. Perks of sponsorship include your name or business name on the horse's stall, recognition online and at events, and visits to Hearts to spend time with your horse. Contributions are 100% tax deductible.
Pippa & Vinnie

DOB: Pippa 2016, Vinnie 2003
Color: Paint
Breed: Miniature Horse
Height: Pippa 8 hands, Vinnie 9 hands
Weight: Pippa 211 lbs, Vinnie 310 lbs

Pippa and Vinnie serve as equestrian ambassadors in Hearts' Minis on the Move program. Together they deliver smiles and therapeutic services to those unable to visit the Hearts Ranch. Most recently, Pippa and Vinnie enjoyed visiting the residents of Sarah House, one of Santa Barbara's hospice homes. Participants of the ALPHA Day Program were overjoyed to host the minis at their local ALPHA Resource Center.

For students of Hearts' Therapeutic Riding or Equine Facilitated Learning Programs who are fearful of horses, our minis serve as non-intimidating starter equines. Using our miniature horses, students can learn all of the grooming, leading and horsemanship skills necessary to be successful with their future full-size equine partners.


DOB: 2000
Color: Dark Bay
Breed: Thoroughbred/Quarter Horse
Height: 15 hands
Weight: 1080lbs.

Jack was a polo pony in his first career. He came to Hearts from The Santa Barbara Polo and Racket Club. Jack is our go-to guy for heavily involved riders because of h is steady pace and smooth gaits.

Like all of our horses here at Hearts, Jack understands when he is working and is exceedingly patient while riders mount using the mechanical lift.


DOB: 2004
Color: Grey
Breed: Percheron
Height: 18 hands
Weight: 1900lbs.

A former mounted police horse, Dewey can also add the Rose Bowl Parade to his resume. Instead of opting for retirement after his career in civil service, Dewey decided to join the herd at Hearts.

His size and strength helps us to accommodate our taller riders. Dewey is gentle and willing, but also knows when to challenge a veteran participant to develop their riding skills.

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