The Hoofbeat: March 2018
Los Rancheros Pobres
A Generous Gift from Los Rancheros Pobres
Hearts installed a motorized lift in January, which has positively impacted several program participants in just a short amount of time. The structure in which the motorized lift lives was generously donated by members of Los Rancheros Pobres, a local men's horseback riding club. The new lift structure was dedicated on Sunday, February 25 at Hearts. Over 28 members of the Pobres donated funds for this special project.

We had a beautiful afternoon to celebrate such a wonderful gift. There were about 50 people in attendance, and we heard from Thom Bateman, who is a member of Los Rancheros Pobres as well as the Board Chairman of Hearts; Pamme Mickelson, the Executive Director of Hearts; and Dr. Lorne Everett, past president of Los Rancheros Pobres, who was the mastermind behind the donation project.

Hearts is forever grateful to Los Rancheros Pobres for this beautiful gift. It is truly an asset for our therapeutic riding program!
Celebrating the Olympics and Women's History Month: A Therapeutic Riding Story
By Carol Lawrence, Hearts Volunteer
We at Hearts avidly await the arrival of all of our program participants. Some are able to run from their vehicles. Some can easily walk, some need an aid, and some come in a wheelchair. However they arrive, the individuals in our therapeutic riding program all get on their horse and for an hour are able to experience physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits from riding.

The earliest mention using horses as a therapeutic aid dates back to Hippocrates.
Skip forward a couple of thousand years to the 1950's when the first therapeutic riding center was created in Europe by Lis Hartel. This is her incredible story and one all of us involved with the equestrian therapeutic world can appreciate.

Happy Retirement to Cassie!
Today was a very special day for Cassie, a long-time therapy horse at Hearts Therapeutic. She found her forever home with Hearts volunteer Pam, at a local stable, where she will live like royalty!

Cassie came to Hearts on October 11, 2014. She is so loved by the volunteers and students. Congrats, Cassie, and enjoy your retirement!
 Horses have been found in cave paintings dating back to 15000 B.C.
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