The Hoofbeat: March 2019
The Story of Bob Ramsey, Hearts' Resident Ram
Santa Barbara County Sheriff Ugo Arnoldi was among the group of men who rescued the Robert “Bob” Ramsey from the side of Painted Cave Road and the 154 Highway in 2016. Here is an excerpt from the story he wrote about the “Ram with Large Horns."

Nathaniel's Bar Mitzvah Project
Hi my name is Nate. As part of my Bar Mitzvah preparation, I am doing a mitzvah project to help improve my community. My goal is to raise $2000 for Heart Therapeutic Equestrian Center here in Santa Barbara, CA. 

Hearts helps kids and adults who have difficulties in overcoming fears and helps to create a place of strength, confidence and inspiration for those with different needs, just like me. I have ADHD that I have been riding here for nearly four years, I have gained self-confidence, physical strength, improved my ability to focus, as well as developed an appreciation and rapport with the horses and staff. My big sister, Rebekah raised $2000 for Hearts, as part of her Bat Mitzvah project two years ago. I hope to match or beat that number for my mitzvah project because I want to help more kids and adults at Hearts. The money raised will go towards improvements for the main arena, which is desperately needed. 

Please help me reaching this goal! 

'The Mustang' Documentary and Return to Freedom
Film Opens Nationwide March 15
'The Mustang' tells the story of human perseverance and connection with wild horses. The movie tells the inspiring story about a convict’s connection with a spirited wild horse in a prison horse training program and how it allows him to confront his own tumultuous past and open up emotionally.

While an engaging story, “The Mustang” cannot tell the full narrative of America’s wild horses and burros and the struggles they face. America’s wild horses are caught in a battle over the use of our public lands and grazing, water and other resources on those lands. For decades, costly and tragic government roundups have removed tens of thousands of wild horses from America’s remote and rugged Western rangelands. These heartbreaking roundups have created a need for high-quality sanctuary programs like Return to Freedom’s American Wild Horse Sanctuary and training programs like the one portrayed in the film.

Return to Freedom was involved with “The Mustang” with the hope that a broader audience of moviegoers will become aware that there are still wild horses in America and want to learn more. We hope that people will not only recognize the powerful connection between human and horse but also all species powerful and existential desire for freedom. As a result, we hope people will join Return to Freedom as we work to preserve the freedom of our wild horses and burros on their rightful Western rangelands and protect those that have been captured and removed from their habitat. (Excerpt from Return to Freedom)

Learn more about Return to Freedom here .
Hearts Featured in the February Edition of Celebrating Horses
View the magazine here .

We were so very honored to be highlighted in the February edition of Celebrating Horses! Check out page 58 and on. Our riders, horses, and volunteers look amazing. We are so very proud of our therapeutic riding instructor, Shannon McGraw (featured in the magazine), too!

Featured on the cover (left) is Johnny, one of our participants who is visually impaired. He has gained a strong sense of independence from his experiences at Hearts. As you can see from his photo, Johnny rides with a beautiful sense of pride and confidence. Go, Johnny!

Celebrating Horses is a publication that started in 2016 focusing on photographs celebrating the wonder, the beauty, and the kind nature of all breeds of horses – in shows, at liberty, wild, and tamed! We also celebrate the people who support, indulge, rescue, and love horses in all their iterations.
Hearts 101: An Inclusive Tour
Come experience the heart and soul of our organization! Join us for Hearts 101: An Inclusive Tour on Saturday, March 16th, 10:30 am - 11:30 am !

Come to the Hearts ranch to learn more about our expanded programs, recent news, and to learn more about the amazing individuals we serve. There are many opportunities to bring friends and family throughout the year to see our mission in action!

Upcoming dates:
Saturday, May 4th, 10:30 am - 11:30 am
Saturday, June 1st, 10:30 am - 11:30 am
Annual Student Horse Show
Saturday, April 27th, 2019
The fun-filled day will celebrate the organization’s student riders as they proudly demonstrate their equitation skills before a cheering crowd of supporters, family, and friends. 

The event is open to spectators free of charge.

For more info or to become an Event Sponsor, contact Morgan at or call
(805) 364-5202.
Barn Dance Auction & Fundraiser
Saturday, May 11th, 2019
Hearts will host its annual Barn Dance fundraising event on Saturday, May 11th, 2019 at the Carriage and Western Art Museum in Santa Barbara. There will be a live band, dinner, dancing, and a silent and live auction.

Tickets: $125.00

For more info, contact Morgan at or call
(805) 364-5202.

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