January 8, 2021
Congregational Study
All members and friends of Hope are welcome to join in a special five-week journey together. We’re going to encounter the living, breathing, walking, talking Jesus Christ through the words of the Gospel of Mark.

Beginning this weekend, you’re invited to spend fifteen minutes a day focusing on a short reading from the early chapters of Mark’s fast-paced Gospel. Learn more about what Jesus actually said and did, and deepen your understanding of what it means to be a follower of Christ in today’s world. This congregation-wide journey is called “Mark’s Epiphany,” and we pray it leads you to a clearer view of who Jesus really is.

How will it work? We’ll go line by line through Mark’s Gospel, in seven short studies every week, using a multi-media format. Access all of the studies at Hope's website.
  • Study 1: listen to the sermon each weekend, at Sunday morning or Saturday evening services, or listen online.
  • Study 2: watch a video Bible study lesson anytime Saturday or Sunday.
  • Studies 3 & 4: work through a brief at-home study outline on Monday and Tuesday.
  • Study 5: watch a video Bible study lesson on Wednesday.
  • Studies 6 & 7: work through a brief at-home study outline on Thursday or Friday.

You can take this spiritual journey at your own pace, and access the studies at any time via the church website. Travel solo, or work with a partner or group. Invite your Hope friends, and anyone you want, to take the “Mark’s Epiphany” journey with you.

Questions? Check out the “Mark’s Epiphany” page, or give the church office a call.

Blessings on your journey!
Missing Worship & Communion?
As we begin a New Year, it's a good time to renew your commitment to weekly worship. We recognize that not everyone is able to participate in our weekend in-person worship services at Hope due to the pandemic, and we definitely respect that. Here’s how to re-connect with worship at Hope.
  • You are welcome to worship with us remotely every Sunday. The 8:00 AM and 11:00 AM services are live-streamed, or you can watch a recording of the 8:00 AM service at any time during the week.
  • Small, brief Communion services for ten people or less are held every week, for those not able to participate in weekend in-person services. We encourage you to give this a try, if you’ve not been receiving Communion. Advance sign up is required.
  • We have four in-person services each weekend, with reduced capacity at each. We’re celebrating Communion at all services, and have limited congregational singing. Masks and social distancing are required. While the worship experience may not be exactly the same as it was a year ago, it’s still a joyful, spiritually-beneficial thing to gather together with the family of God around the Word and Sacraments. If you wish to be added to the list for one of the weekly services (Saturday 5:30 PM; Sunday 8:00, 9:30, 11:00 AM), please send an email to Pastor Lew (lupchurch@hopelutheranwf.org).
Congregational Assembly
On January 31, the congregation will be asked to approve a proposed budget for 2021. Given the state’s mass gathering limit for indoor events of ten people or less (except for worship services), our annual January Congregational Assembly will have to take place in a different fashion. After considering various options and legalities, the Ministry Leadership Team of Hope has decided upon the following approach. It’s not ideal, but will be the best we can do to keep our congregational ministry moving forward, given the challenging circumstances we’re living in.
  • A summary of the proposed 2021 budget will be sent to all adult church members, with explanatory notes.
  • An online Zoom meeting will be held on Thursday, January 28, to answer any questions you may have about the proposed budget.
  • Adult members of Hope will be able to sign up for a brief in-person meeting at the church on the afternoon of Sunday, January 31. In accordance with state requirements, a maximum of ten participants will be allowed. If sign-up for the first meeting is filled, another meeting (or meetings) will be added for the same day. Votes regarding the proposed budget will be combined, if more than one meeting is needed.
  • More details regarding the above will be shared when the proposed budget is sent to you.
Church Offerings
God is good, faithful, and generous! We are thankful to report that, despite all of the significant challenges Hope Lutheran Church has faced in 2020, our church offerings came in very close to our targeted goal for the year (only 5%, approximately, below budget). Many members of the church are struggling financially, and we understand how they may not be able to keep up their regular giving levels. Other members of the church have been able to give generously in recent months, and we appreciate everyone doing what they can to support the Lord’s work. God bless you for your faithful stewardship!
Thank you!
Thank you from the entire Hope staff for the wonderful cards and gifts received in December. Also, thank you for the congregation’s monetary Christmas gift. It is such a privilege to serve with the people of Hope and we are blessed by your continued support and kindness!!