"The Hopeful Times"
Good Friday Edition
formerly known as
"The Weird Times"
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Dear Friends,
I am pleased to welcome you to the 1st edition of the "Hopeful Times," which will be published 2 to 3 times per week by the Community Church during the days of Covid-19. The "Hopeful Times" will replace the "Weird Times," the award winning newsletter (we named it "Wackiest Newsletter of the Year for 2020" in the medium-sized north shore non-denominational church category). 30 unique editions of the "Weird Times" were published in 23 days.
In explaining the rebranding, editor and publisher Tom Dickelman said "Cranking out a newsletter every day was not sustainable long term. Creating a couple per week is doable."
"Far more importantly, though," he added, "the first 3 weeks of Virus time were really weird . That's how everything felt - weird. And we needed to laugh at it. That's what we do with things we don't understand, or that make us uncomfortable. We joke. We need to laugh. While we still need to smile and laugh, I think the general vibe has changed from "this is weird" to "let's get through this ASAP - together .'"
* * * * *
He continued, "It doesn't mean that there won't be a lighter approach to our communications. I mean, why else would we put Bob Hope's picture in the masthead?" (for those under 35 - he was a comedian).
* * * * *
The focus of upcoming "Hopeful Times" will be to communicate important information to readers in a lively manner about staying physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy. For example, our next newsletter will feature a menu of the various ZOOM opportunities our church will provide (live, interactive gatherings in which you can participate), including a noon, "Joys & Concerns" offered Monday - Friday. More on that in the next few days.
"We're hoping that this makes sense to everyone. (Get it, 'hoping'? You're gonna get sick of 'hope' puns) Our newsletters are still going to be lively - just not quite as goofy and more importantly, focused on our getting through this together as a community."e
This Sunday ~ 10:00 a.m.
"Easter on the Screen"
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"No Problems, Only Opportunities"
message by Dr. Thomas Dickelman
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• children's message by Zach
• a spectacularly innovative &
inspiring musical presentation by
Ken Hall, Don Stiernberg & friends
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A New "Hopeful Times" Feature:
Greatest Pictures Over the Past 20 Years
@ the Community Church
"So, that's what happens on high school work trips!"
(thanks to Bennet Flynn!) s"
Coming Soon to a Screen Near You!
Interactive Meditation,
Daily Prayer, Book Groups,
Weekly Wellness with Dr. Matt Dewar
and more!

(OK some of it is ALREADY HAPPENING! We're just planning a big roll out right around the corner of ALL the opportunities)

Keep your eyes on the "Hopeful Times"!
Good Friday Meditation by Tom
Friends - As most of you know, Elinor Jannotta from our church has written a timely & thoughtful blog during the season of Lent titled "40 Days of Peace." Elinor was kind enough to ask me to write the post for today, Good Friday. If you'd like to read it, click HERE .
If you'd prefer a video version, see below. Peace, Tom
May God Bless You This Good Friday.
Be Safe. Be Well. Peace.