Can't See Your Barber or Hairdresser?
Bad Hair Days Are Just Around the Corner!
See Our "Soul-ution" Below!
The Hope ful Times
(with some weirdness, edition II)
Welcome to CCZ!
( C ommunity C hurch Z oom !)
Zoom has grown in the United States in a manor paralleling the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Over the last two months, use of Zoom has exploded. So, what is Zoom? It's a way that people in businesses and families and organizations of all flavors - like churches - stay connected via the internet.
The Community Church has been using zoom in a number of areas over the past month, including the "Course in Miracles" study, youth gatherings, meetings with Dr. Matt Dewar, our four weekly meditation groups, and staff meetings. While different than being in the same room for a meeting, it does allow people the benefit of interacting and seeing all participants at a meeting simultaneously.
We hope you'll participate in CCZ (Community Church Zoom)!
Following is a CCZ Menu of programs available for you to participate in - no cost - over the next 7 days. We'll publish an updated CCZ Menu next week. All you need to do to participate is click on the link next to the program. If you have questions, email Elliott Delman Darrell Bloom or Dave Andersen
Community Church Zoom Menu
The Week Ahead
(the links are underlined, bold-faced, & italicized )

Mid-Day Prayers. Noon. Tom. LINK

Mid-Day Prayers. Noon. Tom. LINK
Meditation. 5:45 pm Ann Barbour & Venu Tummalapalli. Community Contemplation

Meditation. 9:00 am. Zach Hancock. Community Contemplation
Mid-Day Prayers. Noon. Tom. LINK

Course in Miracles. 9:00 am Darrell Bloom. LINK
Mid-Day Prayers. Noon. Tom. LINK
Virtual Bohemian School of Uke. 5:30 pm. Elliott Delman. LINK
High School Group. 7:00 pm. Zach & Matt. LINK
 Course in Miracles. 7:00 pm. Dave Andersen. LINK

Meditation. 9:00 am. Dave Andersen. Community Contemplation
Mid-Day Prayers. Noon. Tom. LINK

Meditation. 9:00 am. Zack Hancock. Community Contemplation

• if you use the Zoom app for Community Contemplation and the
Meeting ID: 980 7980 6308 and the Password: hippo
• if you use the Zoom app for High School Group the Meeting ID:
933 0136 4405 and the Password: peace
if you use the Zoom app for Mid-Day Prayer , the Meeting ID is  674 147 814  and the password is peace
• if you use the Zoom app for Thursday morning Course in Miracles the Meeting ID: 996 069 420
• if you use the Zoom app for the Virtual Bohemian School of Uke the Meeting ID: 771 5775 2833
Can't See Your Barber or Hairdresser? Bad Hair Days Are
Just Around the Corner!
* * * * *
Cover Up Your Nasty Noggin' With a
Collector's Edition Community Church Hat - Just Make a Donation to Community Church Charities - 100% Will Go to Our Food DRIVE
Benefiting Beacon Place and El Puente Latino Food Pantry,
Both in Waukegan.
* * * * *
We've been given $2000 for the Food DRIVE - if it is matched by the Community by May 1. Hats are the Collectors Edition "Single Bo" Style. Quantities are Limited and Available to the First 25 Donors. Donations can be made HERE or by sending a check to: Community Church Charities, P.O. Box 26, Lake Bluff, IL 60044.
(either way let us know if you are "in" by replying to this email)
P.S. - thanks to Pam Campbell for a great idea!
P.S.S. - more info on the Food DRIVE c oming next issue
P.P.S.S - not sure why so many words are capitalized...
The Community Church - 20 Years of
Great Pictures & Memories
priate kraig
Coach Kraig Moreland, co-founder of the Community Church 4th of July Family Fair which we created and ran for 10 years.
Kraig has been a wise, creative, and valued leader in our church since before our very first service.
An important picture from Tom's first trip to Uganda that symbolized great, great need.
A Dickelman family puppy - Nori -
yes, has a cross on her chest...
Our Nepal "Adventures in Spirit" trip was cancelled due to an earthquake, but the week after the 'quake we put together a free concert in Lake Bluff - and raised $35,000 for hurricane relief. Beneficiaries included a hospital that was three hours outside Kathmandu in the foothills of the Himalayas, and a home and education center for abused women that was destroyed in the earthquake.
One of our classic beach picnics - it looks like a Norman Rockwell painting
This was the vision high school students and adult leaders saw on our church's first-ever work trip as we ate outside at a restaurant in Baraboo, WI. The trip was a Habitat for Humanity project. Most trip participants are all now in College.
Inside the upstairs of our church office as the sun rose one morning.
An image reminding us of the Grateful Dead services we've enjoyed...and will enjoy again!
Worship on the Screen
This Sunday, the Rev. Zachary Hancock will preach and our very special music guest is Emi Jarvi - singing for us all the way from the United Kingdom! Coming May 3 - a special John Prine service!
"I Continue to Be Blown Away..."
* * * * *
I'm not sure how else to say it. With each passing day life does seem to get a bit scarier. Dreary news from Washington, Chicago, and all around the world arrives that is difficult to dissect - let alone digest. Coronavirus / Covid - 19 is shaping up to be a generationally defining moment, maybe not unlike the Great Depression.
Yet do you know what really blows me away? It's that as bad as things are - there's so much that is good and positive to be found in how people are responding to the challenges they face.
Compassion. Courage. Kindness. Flowing consistently from so many during this time. Like the Nyland's and all the families who enthusiastically have purchased Face Shield kits from the Randolphs and glued them together - we're probably talking 1000's of Face Shields. In a day or two, another load will go down to Lurie Children's Hospital, and to other places of need in the community. As WGN morning man Wally Phillips used to say, "people helping people."
Or the courage of first responders, many whom endure long shifts with limited resources - all while experiencing life and death scenarios. Not to mention risks to their own health and well-being.
Or, the family that called me out of the blue today to say "we want to help feed hungry people in Lake County" and offered a matching grant of $2000 - not knowing that over the last couple days the church staff has been cooking up the "Community Church Food DRIVE " - where we like a reverse Good Humor truck will use our church vehicle to drive up and down the streets of Lake Bluff seeking donations for the Beacon Place and El Puente Latino Food Pantries in Waukegan. (more info coming soon!)
The list is so, so long. Like Ken Hall literally spending full time for over two weeks creating the prelude for last Sunday's service that inspired so many during difficult times.
I guess it's all something like what Patrick Walusimbi - our ministry partner in Uganda for over a decade - used to say on an almost daily basis - "I'm too blessed to be depressed." And the people said "Amen"