The Hope ful Times
& "Tell Me Something Good"
Edition XI
Worship on the Screen - Sunday, May 17
* * * * *
"Waypoints While Sailing
in the Twilight Zone"
Dr. Thomas Dickelman, preaching
Music by Mr. Bobby Newman
Grateful Dead Service - Sunday, May 24
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featuring the Community Church
Virtually Grateful Band
led by Mr. Ken Hall
Rev. Zachary Hancock, preaching
Community Church
Summer Worship Menu
Take your pick of two weekly worship options
beginning June 7th:
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Worship on the Beach
services each Sunday @ 8:00 and 9:30 a,m,
Sunrise Beach, Lake Bluff - details soon
some pretty neat changes being made
to ensure everyone's well being
Worship on the Screen
video of the prior day's beach service
available Monday afternoon
Help Us Get the Beach Back in Shape!!!
Community Clean Up Day This Saturday
10 to 12 noon - Sunrise Beach, Lake Bluff
email Tom for more information
Join Us Next Tuesday From 7 to 8 pm
as Tom Speaks to Art Impact Project
as Part of 2020 Speaker Series
* * * * *
( Here's what AIP wrote about the zoom event
on their Facebook Page )
Quarantining yourself at home can play an important role in preventing the spread of infectious diseases but this doesn’t mean that coping with this disruption in our normal routine is easy. Isolation can cause us to feel cut off from the rest of the world and feel as if we have no control over this situation.
Taking care of our mental health is essential, even if our time in quarantine is temporary. Even brief periods of isolation can have negative effects on both our mental and physical well-being.
Art Impact Project is dedicated to providing mental health support to communities through our speaker series which allows us to shed light on ways we can cope through these challenging times. 
Please continue to spread the word to friends and family - and don’t forget to RSVP for the zoom event next Tuesday HERE
Market House / Community Church
Meal Outreach to Beacon Place Begins
* * * * *
Community Church 6th Man John Corrigan used the church step van on Tuesday and Thursday this week to deliver 200 meals prepared and donated by the Market House in Lake Forest to families at Beacon Place. The Tuesday meal included meatloaf, fresh green beans, mashed potatoes, and a salad. Thanks to our generous friends at the Market House for loving our friends @ Beacon Place !
Please click on the yellow links for more info on both places.
"Tell Me Something Good!"
* * * * *
That request was made after a nearly 15 minute phone tirade on Tuesday night about how (a) how miserable their life is right now, and (b) how terrible things are. The economy. Covid-19. Quarantine. Their own health issues. It went on and on. The person on the other end of the phone is not a church member, but someone who lives in another state whom I've known a long, long time.
Despite his request at the end of his rant to "tell me something good!" I doubted he really wanted me to. To be honest, though, I was tired of being silent and so I kind of let him have it...
"OK," I began, "everyday I sit in my office and watch people drive up, many whom I have never seen in my life, and anonymously drop off bag after bag of groceries in our church truck. The groceries are for people who are hungry who live 5 miles to the north. The folks they give groceries for? They will never see the families. They will never meet the families. They will never be thanked by the families. They simply do it out of the kindness of the hearts because they know children and families are hungry right now."
"Not to mention a local restaurant called the Market House - a really nice place - is cooking and donating 200 meals per week for hungry families at a neighborhood house called Beacon Place that serves a primarily low income, latino population. Seriously good food. Quietly purchased, cooked, packaged and delivered twice per week. So, that seems pretty good to me..."
And since I was on a roll, I could not help but share a little bit more with the person on the phone, offering "and you know what was the most significant concern of the woman responsible for the donations? Not getting publicity. Not being praised by the community, or thanked by the beneficiaries. No, her biggest concern was the Market House was cooking and delivering exactly the kind of food that the people they were serving loved. So, there's some good things going on."
"And how about the family in our church - and countless volunteers - who have been devoted to making protective face shields for first responders and medical teams. And all the people who purchased thousands of shields as kits, glued them together and then donated the shields to others?" (shields still needed - info on Stencil Ease shields HERE )
"Or, the family that just donated about 6 dozen games - many brand new - and 5 Trek bicycles to folks in need? Or, the people who quietly drop off food on the front step of my friend Elliott Delman's house? Elliott's the guy who has spent huge hours every week managing all our zoom meetings and putting most of of worship services together and online. And for health reasons he can't go out of his house right now - so people have been bringing food by - often with nice notes."
I knew I was starting to pile it on, but deep down inside I wanted to keep going. And tell him about the over $20,000 we have received from local folks over the past two months to help people who are hungry. And how Mama Wood Duck is actually using a house we put in our yard for her nest. And how I played 9 holes yesterday afternoon without going in a single sand trap. And how my friend of 50 years Chad battling stomach cancer is having surprising, wonderful results with immunotherapy. And about the 6th grader in our church who has turned her family's kitchen into a restaurant and creates a menu (with calories listed by each item!) and the meals for their family dinners! And...and...and...
Pretty soon I realized I was basically as obnoxious as he was. I was just coming at life from another angle. So, I stopped, and a few moments later we said "goodbye" and hung up.
Will he ever change, and see the glass as more than half full as do I? My guess is not. May just be how he is wired. But I can pray that he'll be blessed with an open heart and open mind - so he can feel the presence of the Spirit in his life that brings hope. And see, amidst all the challenges overwhelming him, that there remains so much good happening in this world. - TD

P.S. - Maybe it's time for a break from this newsletter to listen to
Chaka Khan and Rufus perform "Tell Me Something Good!"
So, this would seem to be pretty weird. Here's a sign in (either LB or LF - where do you think it is?) that says nothing. It appears the message has faded over time.
The question is "what should it say?" Or, "what would be really fun to have it say?" Any ideas? Send them to Pam Campbell
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