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The boys basketball team with their trophy
The Horizon
Spring 2019
Dr. Jeff Stawick, Superintendent
From the Superintendent

Spring has finally arrived and is ushering in the final few months of the school year. With the cold weather (hopefully) behind us, everyone at the District is very excited to start Spring and end the school year on a high note.

Our Bands have certainly been busy this spring. In February they held the annual Music-a-Thon at Central, featuring the beginning band, jazz band, and symphonic band. In March the IGSMA Organizational Contest was hosted at CMS, the symphonic band performed at a groundbreaking ceremony in downtown Tinley Park, and the marching band made a trip to perform at Disney World.

In February, I hosted a Coffee with the Superintendent to talk about standardized testing. In this issue of The Horizon , our Director of Curriculum Nancy Schwab recaps the meeting and explains what standardized testing means for the District.

Construction on our elementary schools is nearing completion! The additions are clearly starting to resemble the classrooms, cafeterias, and resource space needed. When students return in August, the new spaces will be open for business.

As you can see, our students, staff, and administrators have accomplished a lot so far this school year. I know the next two months will be just as exciting and productive.


Dr. Jeff Stawick
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Strike Up the Band!
The Marching Band donned their hats and got into formation while the drill team unfurled their flags. They may have been nervous as they prepared to march down an unfamiliar street, but no one could tell based on their sound and presentation. The observers along Main Street, USA at Walt Disney World were all visibly impressed by our very own Central Middle School students.

Many hours of preparation went into the audition to perform at Disney World. After CMS received their invitation, the band went through many more hours of preparation and practice, including around the CMS parking lot in the chilly weather. On March 22, the students left Central prepared to take part in the parade on March 23.

“I was struck not only by the talent of our students, but also by their professionalism and amazing behavior,” said Jason Freeland, District 146 Band Director. “I was truly impressed by the students and what great citizens they have become. We strive to teach life skills through music, and their conduct while at Disney showcased what they have learned.”
In addition to the parade in the Magic Kingdom, the band and drill team also took the opportunity to learn from some of the Disney masters. The Drill team learned a routine from Disney employees that involved props like flags and ribbons. Goofy even joined them during part of their newly-learned routine.

The band members learned how music for Disney movies is recorded and combined with the animation. A Disney musician spoke to the band members and conducted them in a song from Mulan, which was recorded. They then got to watch a scene from Mulan with their music playing along with it.
Of course, they couldn’t leave Disney World without doing a little sight-seeing. Along with the Magic Kingdom, they also had time to visit Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios to celebrate a job well done.

The trip to Disney was only one of the performances this spring by the CMS Bands. They were invited by the Village of Tinley Park to perform at the March 13 ground breaking ceremony for Harmony Square.

On March 9, Central hosted the Illinois Grade School Music Association Organizational Contest where the Symphonic Band and Concert Band were both awarded Division One ratings. Over 1,000 visitors filled the halls to watch the various bands perform.
The Band poses with Mayor Vandenberg at the Harmony Park Ground Breaking
Upcoming Band Events
April 25: Symphonic Band at DePaul University
April 26: Concert Band at Illinois State University
May 9, 6 p.m.: Spring Concert featuring the Beginning, Symphonic, Concert, and Jazz Bands
Graphic with dates for next school year
Standardized Testing and District 146
Nancy Schwab, Director of Curriculum
District 146 utilizes two standardized assessments: NWEA MAP and Illinois Assessment of Readiness (formally called PARCC). The purposes of these two assessments are quite different. How we use the results from these two assessments is also very different. 

NWEA MAP is given to students in grades one through eight three times a year: fall, winter, and spring. Kindergarten is assessed in the fall and spring. The assessment provides data in the areas of Mathematics, English Language Arts, and Reading, and fulfills a requirement for universal screening of all students as required by Response to Intervention (RtI). Teachers find the data helpful, as it provides a glimpse at how a student is progressing compared to grade level learning standards.

The assessment also provides teachers with data illustrating where a student is strongest and possible areas where a student may need more time to fully learn a concept. NWEA MAP provides results quickly after all assessments are completed. This is helpful so teachers can set goals with students based on their scores and the learning standards. 

The Illinois Assessment of Readiness is a required assessment provided by the State Board of Education for all students in grades three through eight. This test is a summative, end-of-the-year measurement of learning. The purpose is to show how well the student is retaining grade level learning, as measured by the Illinois learning standards.

These results are not available immediately, but are often used to plan for learning at a certain grade level the following school year. An individual student score should also be coupled with classroom performance and NWEA Map results. It is necessary for parents, teachers, and other District staff members to use multiple points when considering, “How is my student doing?"

We recognize that many families feel their children are tested too much. At District 146 we are constantly looking at ways to minimize the time taken away from learning. School teams have also created opportunities for students to take their minds off the testing in various ways. Last year activities included extra science experiments, virtual field trips, break-out exercises, and movement and motion breaks.

The Illinois Assessment of Readiness is scheduled to be given from April 1 through April 12. The next round of NWEA MAP Testing is scheduled for April 29 through May 17. The District makes the data from these assessments available to families so a better picture of your child’s learning is provided. 
Tag, You're Fit!
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Alumni Spotlight:
Samantha Tuuk (Fulton, CMS '15)
Sam Tuuk after a game.
Sam Tuuk on the sidelines
Samantha Tuuk has a lot of victories under her belt. She’s won on softball and soccer fields, basketball and volleyball courts, and even football fields. Sam recently made history becoming the first female football player in Tinley Park High School history to play and score in a game.

While at CMS, Sam played softball, basketball, volleyball, and soccer. She was also a member of the marching, concert and symphonic bands, and a part of the National Junior Honor Society and Twister Leadership Team.

She has continued her busy schedule at TPHS, playing varsity basketball her freshman and sophomore years, varsity volleyball and varsity soccer all four years, and varsity football her senior year. During her freshman, sophomore and junior years she was also a member of the marching, symphonic, and jazz bands.

Sam is also a Titan Tutor and Student Mentor, and a member of the Speech Teams, National Honor Society, and Leadership Team. In October 2018, Sam visited Fulton School for an assembly in her honor, and to talk to students about her accomplishments. We caught up with Sam as she closes out her senior year at TPHS.

What is one of your best memories from Fulton and CMS?
Being the only 6th grader to make and play on all 4 sports teams. Also, winning Superstate for band my 7th grade year then leaving to drive two hours for the 3rd place conference game for soccer. I ended up winning Superstate and 3rd place in conference all in the same day.

Do you remember any teachers or staff who had a direct impact on you?
I wish I could name all of my teachers, because they all deserve recognition. I would not be where I am today without them. I have been very close to all of my teachers but here are a few I will never forget...
Mrs. Rudolph, who taught me to push myself no matter how hard a situation or subject may be.
Mrs. Wortel, who made school enjoyable and taught me how to always have a smile on my face.
Mr. Freeland, who made me realize I really can do anything I set my mind to.
Mr. Dexter, who taught me that being a girl has no effect on athletic ability and always challenged me in sports.
Mrs. Wojcik, who made math bearable for me (I HATED math, but man she made it fun).
Mrs. Kressel, who taught me so much about Edgar Allen Poe that it even helped me in high school.
Mr. Jeziorny, who was one of the toughest coaches I have had. The man believed in me, simple as that.

How did you become a member of the TPHS Football Team?
Funny story. I was at TPHS field one day in the summer training for soccer. I was working out and doing my own thing, but I got kicked off of the field because the football team had practice. I stuck around and the kicker, Brett Hudak who also plays for the boys soccer team, asked if I wanted to take a few kicks. So I did. Coach O’Shea saw and made the joke, “Why don’t we just put you in some pads?” So I said, “Let’s do it.” The next few weeks I went to practice and boom, I was on the sideline with the guys for the first Friday night game.
How did it feel to become the first female in TPHS history score in a football game?
It was crazy, but at first it didn’t feel like much. I was so excited to go in and play, but to me it was just another game. I play a lot of sports so I am used to the hype. It did not really impact me until I went to speak at Fulton and I saw the impact I had on the kids. I cried because I was touched by how many of those kids looked up to me.
I don’t look at it as me “making history.” I look at it in a way that I inspired all of those little girls at Fulton. I know how they feel and I know they are counting on me. Being the first female to score is amazing, but I know there will be more to come now that I have “paved the way” a little for TPHS. That’s what I pride myself on.
What are you most proud of?
I am most proud of the person I have become. Throughout this experience not everyone was on my side or supportive. I learned to look past the negativity and just do my own thing. Doing something like breaking social barriers takes a lot of courage. To be honest, when I look back on it...I don’t know how I did it. I just held my head high and kept going.
What are your plans after graduation
I recently committed to Saint Xavier University in Chicago to play soccer and major in Sports Administration. I plan to coach at Legacy Soccer Club, play for Saint Xavier, and continue my education.
What advice would you give current students?
Never give up. I know that seems vague, but it is the best advice I can give because that saying has gotten me through so much.
For those athletes out there, never forget to smile. The game is supposed to be fun so never lose sight of that. In an intense game or a tough loss, a smile can remind you why you play. Love the game, not the outcomes. 
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Construction is ongoing at all of our elementary schools! Please be cautious while in work areas.

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A Fierke students shows off her science fair project.
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