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Ahead of the Carve
Since Juanita Capan began working at Van Buren Elementary twenty years ago, the cafeteria manager has been involved with Halloween events at the school, including an annual pumpkin patch.

COVID-19 and distance learning meant festivities could not go on as usual this year, but Juanita was not deterred.

“This pandemic is not going to stop me,” said the cafeteria manager. “This is for my kids.”

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A Message of Friendship
In the middle of March, before COVID-19 curtailed global travel, members of a nonprofit flew to Malaysia with 5,500 portraits.

They brought the works of art to a school for refugee children and other underprivileged youth, thus completing a nationwide project that included students from Rubidoux High School.
“I felt like I was reaching out to them and letting them know that they’re not alone,” said Hector Diaz, a junior. “My favorite part of the project was tracing my hand [on the back of the portrait] so that the kid could put his hand on mine.”

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Gift of Connection
One of JUSD’s latest projects is the development of mobile libraries. In October, four buses were outfitted to provide library services to students during distance learning.

“I think it’s going to make a tremendous difference in the students’ ability to stay connected with the school as well as reading in general,” said Paula Ford, Assistant Superintendent for Business Services.

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Continuing to Serve
After years of commitment and service to our country, veterans in our community gave back once again to mentor and assist JUSD students. 

This past February, U.S. veterans from all branches of the armed forces joined Rubidoux High School JROTC students for the school’s second annual Military Interview event.

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Foundation for the Future
Last year, Patriot High student Masaki Mendoza approached his guidance counselor, Luis Murillo, with a unique plan: In addition to taking exams for his five AP courses, he wanted to take three exams for courses he was not enrolled in, meaning he would need to self-prepare for the tests.

Months later, despite a packed schedule of academics and extracurriculars as well as the COVID-19 pandemic, Masaki passed all eight of his AP exams.

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