Learning Without Limits
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The PICO Promise
“PICO serves the community by identifying the needs of students and families.” - Jose Campos, Director of Parent Involvement and Community Outreach

Parent Involvement & Community Outreach (PICO) is a department within JUSD dedicated to strengthening the individual, family, and community. PICO’s mission is to encourage parents to become advocates for their child’s education; provide resources and services to foster growth and school readiness; and use community organization to build a healthier, connected community. This mission is put into practice with the aid of numerous programs, many of which are offered in partnership with local agencies and members of the community.

Supporting Parents as Teachers
​​Sandra Rodriguez began her tenure at Jurupa Unified School District in 1998. Her most rewarding position was acting as an Outreach Worker for Pedley Elementary and Van Buren Elementary, where she provided enrichment classes for parents so children could achieve school success.

Then the position lost funding. Though Sandra stayed with the district and held positions at other sites, she missed serving her community as she did before.

Thankfully, the formation of the Parent Involvement and Community Outreach Department gave Sandra the opportunity to return to the work she loves.

A Partnership without Limits
“During these times of uncertainty, we are all looking out for the best interest of our students. We all want to remove the barriers to educational success.”​ - Adonis Galarza, Civic Engagement Coordinator, Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice​

On August 11th, only days into JUSD’s 2020-2021 school year, the Department of Parent Involvement and Community Outreach was dealing with a high volume of phone calls. Parents were struggling to make ends meet and assist their children with online instruction. During the COVID-19 pandemic, community needs have far outweighed the resources available. ​​

That Tuesday afternoon, a parent called with a special request for her two school-aged children: could PICO help find desks for her kids to work on during distance learning?

Lives Changed Forever
​Everyone faces challenges. During difficult times, we rely on family, friends, and our community to pull us through. Below are three stories of Jurupa lives changed forever by the passion of JUSD’s Department of Parent Involvement and Community Outreach.

Gift of a Smile

Adriana Vargas often covered her mouth when she smiled. She had always been embarrassed by her teeth, but chemotherapy during her battle with colon cancer had weakened them, worsening their condition. In any case, the recent passing of her husband had left little to smile about. With no money, no job, and no insurance, Adriana had little hope of improving her situation.

Census Funds the Future
Why is the Census important? Your response will help direct billions of dollars in federal funds to schools, services, and our local community over the next decade. In 2017, census data guided Riverside County allocations of nearly $127 million in Title I Funding, $19 million in Community Development Block Grants, and $35.5 million for Workforce Innovations.

An example of census funding in action: JUSD’s Department of Parent Involvement & Community Outreach. “Parent Involvement and Community Outreach is funded through federal grants, Medi-cal, donations, and partnerships with other federal and privately funded agencies,” stated Jose Campos, Director of PICO.

4850 Pedley Road
Jurupa Valley, Ca. 92509