Congratulations to Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana who was sworn in today as the 56th Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. After 22 days of drama with no elected Speaker of the House, the Republican majority unanimously elected Rep. Mike Johnson to lead the House.


OCA President Chris Long made the following statement concerning the election of Rep. Mike Johnson as the new Speaker of the House:

I have known Mike since his days as a First Amendment defense attorney with Alliance Defending Freedom. Mike helped us with a number of First Amendment issues here in the State of Ohio including Ohio's Guest Minister Prayer Policy at the Ohio Statehouse. Mike provided the legal briefs that convinced House leadership that the Guest Minister Prayer Policy was constitutionally sound, as it had been in practice since the first prayer before the Continental Congress by Rev. Jacob Duche in 1774. Mike is a strong conservative but conveys his ideas and principles in a way that even his opponents can understand and appreciate, even if they disagree with him.”


“When viewing the video below of today's speech, you will see that through Mike's delivery of his first speech as Speaker, he brought the House of Representatives together in a moment of unity of both Democrat and Republican that has not been seen in some time. When I heard his speech today over the radio, it made me well up with pride and think, ‘this is the America that I know and love.’ Let us pray for members of Congress and for Speaker Mike Johnson as he leads the People's House.”

Congratulations to Congressman Mike Johnson a he was sworn in as the 56th Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Please take time to hear his stirring speech. This is the America I know and love. - OCA President Chris Long