As 2017 is coming to a close, we are making this newsletter a "How-to Guide" to help you around the house. Below are some tips and tricks that will not only make your house operate a little more smoothly, but will also help it to look nicer. Impress your guests and follow these steps! Also, check out our exciting news at the bottom!


Lighting is a very important aspect of any house and is often overlooked. First, you should consider the activities that will happen in each room, how you want them to feel, and which elements you would like to highlight. Another very important aspect of lighting is choosing the correct bulb. There are many styles and types of bulbs, giving you the freedom to choose options like how warm you would like the light to be, or how bright you want the bulbs.                 More Info

Natural stone tiles are a beautiful addition to any house, but they also must be cared for properly. One of the most necessary but also easy steps you can take is to seal your tiles, as they are natural and porous. First, clean off the tile as best you can with a vacuum and a cloth. Then, choose a stone specific sealant, and then in a well ventilated space apply the sealer with a foam paintbrush. Let it sit for 10 minutes after application and clean off excess sealant that has not yet absorbed. 

Making the choice to get a slab countertop is a great investment in your homes future, and can last a lifetime if properly cared for. Unfortunately, many homeowners find themselves too busy to properly maintain them,  but luckily the EE Fabrication Team can help. They offer a full service care and maintenance program for tile and stone, including basic floor and shower services, steam cleaning, countertop resealing, chip repair and much more. Contact us at for more info.

When it comes to purchasing a new oven for the kitchen, many homeowners struggle to choose between gas and induction, so below we included some upsides of each to help you make the best decision possible.

One of the most noticeable benefits of gas is the immediacy of heat, meaning you don't have to wait for it to get to full temperature. Also, by being able to see the flames you can better gauge the temperature and if it needs to be increased or decreased. Another large benefit that will also save you money is the ability to use most types of cookware, instead of having to purchase and use specialized equipment, which can become expensive very fast. 

When cooking with an induction cook top, many people are surprised at the speed at which it cooks food. This is due to its efficiency in not wasting heat and only heating the cookware. Also, induction cook tops are very safe as they will only conduct heat to proper cookware, and there is no flame to get burnt on. Since there is a lack of grates and instead only a smooth surface it creates a very easy to clean surface. 

If you turn on your faucet and find that the water flow rate has majorly decreased since you first installed it, don't assume that it is a problem with the water pressure. Instead it could be the aerator, which is a quick and easy fix that anyone can do. Simply take your pliers (wrap them with tape first so you don't scratch your aerator), unscrew the aerator body from the faucet and remove all the internal pieces (remember the order). To finish, clean off the pieces and reassemble.

Earth Elements has recently begun documenting our showrooms so that everyone can take virtual tours and check out the space before you come in. Follow the links below to tour our Jackson and Whitefish showrooms. Our Gallatin Gateway and Sun Valley locations will be completed soon so keep an eye out for them.

Whitefish Showroom

Earth Elements Design Center is very excited to announce that we will be opening a shop in Bozeman on 618 North Wallace Ave! It will be in partnership with SAV Digital Environments, and will be opening in March 2018. This smaller space will showcase some of our tile and wood flooring options, and will provide an easier way for customers to work with Earth Elements. We hope that you are as excited as we are!
Earth Elements will be closed December 23-26, and December 30-January 1  in observation of the Holidays. 

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