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Pack Community,

As I reflect on my 1st semester as the principal at CCNTH, I am reminded how thankful I am to be part of our amazing school community. Watching students immersed in a wide array of engaging projects, extracurricular activities, and school culture-building opportunities is simply...impressive. It is now time for finals week, and I’m certain that their efforts will continue to supersede our expectations. We have winter break and the new year right around the corner; it is definitely a time for celebrating the many student/staff accomplishments and a time to enter into a well-deserved time of rest and rejuvenation.  

The 2019-20 CCNTH recruitment season has begun. If you know of someone who might be interested in having their student attend CCNTH please have them visit our website for registration information as we are now accepting applications through March 8. We had our first Parent/Student Information Night on December 5 and will have two more in the new year: January 30 and March 6. In addition, our Link Crew will be presenting at our three middle schools in late February, and will then welcome interested students at our preview days on March 12 & 13. We would appreciate you sharing these events on your respective social media accounts.

The California State Dashboard became public this past week. CCNTH students did a stellar job, outperforming all of the high schools in our district in ELA (85%), Mathematics (53%), College and Career Readiness (67.5%), and graduation rate (98.7%) in number of students meeting/exceeding state standards. In fact, CCNTH has the highest graduation rate and ELA performance in SLO County. The information on the dashboard is quite easy to navigate, however if you have questions...don’t hesitate to ask.

In other important news, this past semester, the facilitators and students at CCNTH have engaged in a thoughtful and professional conversation about our late work policy. We pushed out surveys to staff and students as well as took late work pass data to inform our next steps. Today, it was decided by our Learning Team (teacher leadership) to pilot the following late work policy for 2nd semester: click HERE . As we implement this new school wide policy, we look forward to better supporting our students in the New Tech School Wide Learning Outcomes (SWLO), especially as it relates to Agenc y and college and career readiness.

On behalf of the staff, I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season. We look forward to 2019 and all the joy in learning it will bring.

Go Direwolves!

Sarah Butler
Our next Parent of the Pack meeting will be held tomorrow, December 18th. We will be talking about making a bigger sign for the front corner of Thompson and New Tech Way. Plus a new fundraiser in the spring, Family Bunco night. Come join us tomorrow at 5pm in the Principal's Conference Room!

CUESTA/HANCOCK COLLEGE SPRING CLASSES: If your student wants to take a class at either college next semester, they must turn in their paperwork to Mrs. Ortiz by this Friday, December 21st.
Here is the link for the Cuesta College Application Process .
Here is the link for the Hancock College Application Process .

Art Appreciation will be offered on our campus through Cuesta College. The class will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00 - 4:30.
ASB News
Student Leaders have been working hard planning and implementing Winter Kindness Week, writing donation letters, planning fundraisers for our advisors, and planning out our Winter Formal next semester. Stay tuned for more details! We will be starting our Servant Leadership project where students dive deeper into different leadership styles and how they can grow as leaders. We look forward to serving our CCNTH students next semester! Happy Holidays!

Senior Baby Pictures are Friday, December 21st.  Share a special memory with your graduating senior! Include a senior baby photo(s) and message in the 2018-19 CCNTH yearbook!
½ page is $30 (1-2 photos with wording)
Full page is $45 (# of photos depends on size with wording)

Please use  THIS FORM  to submit your message to go along with your picture(s). Please see Mrs. Lujano to process payment. Checks should be made payable to CCNTH.

➨If you would prefer to arrange the photos yourself with the wording, you can send a jpg (or other picture file: we accept jpg, jpeg, png, or tiff) or pdf of the half or full page, and we can add it that way.

➨If you would like to send us the photos and wording and have us arrange, please make sure to be clear with instructions if you have any preferences. We will try to accommodate. Again, please make sure you use  THIS FORM  to submit your message. Do NOT email your message.

➨Please ensure that scanned photos are of a high quality. If you would prefer us to scan the photo or photos, then bring it/them to Mrs. Crowe or Mrs. Lujano.

Senior pictures for the yearbook were due November 30th. If you have not submitted your student's photo yet, please do so ASAP. They can be dropped off at the front office with Mrs. Crowe. For photo specifications please visit the Senior Portraits page on our website.

The graduating class of 2019 will begin to work on their Senior Defenses when we return from the break! Presentations for their Defenses will happen Monday, May 13th, 2019. Parents and family will be invited! Second semester also includes reading a book of their choice, Shakespeare, and an anti-bullying campaign. Fun stuff ahead!

Tickets for Grad Bash are on sale through March. Tickets purchased November 8 - December 21 are $125. Tickets purchased January 15 - March 22 are $150. There are only 45 tickets being sold! Have your student drop off their payment to Mrs. Lujano. For information on our Scholarship Nomination for a Grad Bash ticket please click HERE . Nominations are due Friday, December 21st.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Ms. Mitchell at cadence.mitchell@lmusd.org .
Freshmen just wrapped up the Viva la Revolucion project with a presentation to their class and community members detailing the revolutions they want to see. These revolutions, based off of the French, Haitian, Mexican and Latin American revolutions, included changing High School start times, eliminating our use of plastic and even redesigning the English language. Students presented remarkably professional and engaging ideas. We are ending the first semester diving into Poetry Out Loud, working to prepare to read a poem they’ve selected to the class.

Who tells your story? How does your perspective change the interpretation of history? WAIT… history can be interpreted? The sophomores have done amazing work so far, exploring the changing perspectives of American historical events, and even creating and teaching a lesson to their peers (as pictured!). Next semester we dive into more modern times, covering the 1940's to today.

What a semester! So proud of our juniors for their bravery to talk with strangers about politics (or even their own parents) at our 5th annual Salon Night. We hope that you continue to engage your students about their thoughts on government and politics as you practice listening and asking great questions. Next semester we begin diving into economics and focus on what it looks like to be an educated consumer and maybe avoid common mistakes with personal finances.
Integrated Math 1
Integrated math 1 has been exploring quadratic functions! First starting with the trajectory of pumpkin launches (appropriate for the fall time) and examining the behavior of the height of the pumpkin after t seconds. We then generalized the behavior to look at the special characteristics of quadratic functions.

Integrated Math 2
After students created excellent transformation presentations, they started diving into probability. Integrated 2 students played craps, looked at data sets, and even a UC Berkeley lawsuit to determine the probability of different types of events! Next semester we will be diving into the concept of a function, and the different applications a function has for several careers.

Integrated Math 3
Understanding the wholistic connections that graphs and equations have to the functions they represent has been a continued emphasis using polynomials as well as rational functions as the basis to do so. While we analyzed the various characteristics and benefits of the different forms of quadratic functions, including Standard Form, Factored Form, and Vertex form, we also recognized the value in transforming all parent functions utilizing principles of translation, and reflection gathered along the spiral of Integrated Math incorporated at CCNTH.
Honors Calculus
In second quarter, students have been learning about limits and the development of one of the key ideas of Calculus - the derivative. Derivatives are a useful mathematical idea that allows for calculating instantaneous rates of change. Through inquiry and exploration, students have developed their own conceptual understanding of several different ways to apply derivative rules. The culminating project is to develop a written explanation for a specific real-world application of the techniques that they have developed in class. Next semester students will dive deeper into discovering derivatives and their applications for more complex functions and then explore the concept of an integral, the other key idea of Calculus.

In this second quarter, students have been exploring the world of probability and how it helps us understand the unknowns of this world. Students researched various ways businesses and professional fields use probability to optimize profits as well as make predictions of the future.
Biology students have just finished their Cancer Awareness project! Our class partnered with Mission Hope Cancer Center to have many authentic learning experiences surrounding topics such as health and wellness, cancer, cell biology, physiology, and more. Students toured MCHH, hosted a panel of oncology nurses from MHCC, designed and conducted their own experiments, and designed educational pamphlets and social media posts for MHCC to distribute in our communities. Their research and final products focused on serious teen health issues, such as smoking, vaping, e-cigarettes, HPV, and sun exposure.

Next quarter is all about our natural world! Students will be diving into topics such as ecosystem services, ecological health, natural and artificial selection, endangered species, and biomimicry. Stayed tuned, there will be a field trip….

The chemists have finished their Pirate Periodic Table Project. As they sailed across the periodic table they learned about all the hidden secrets the table holds. Their next semester will focus on Environmental Chemistry so stay tuned for more details!

The physics students recently presented on how models in physics make virtual environments more realistic. The students worked in teams to argue how realistic their chosen video game or animation was using video analysis software as their defense. Next semester students will be exploring waves & electricity and how this connects to our everyday uses of technology.

Applied Physics & Engineering
The applied physics & engineers students are completing construction of their catapult designs. Given the challenge of calculating a 10 meter projectile water balloon launch, students have designed their own catapults. We will end this semester with the catapult launch competition!

Microbiology students are wrapping up learning about infectious diseases and finalizing posters for the SLO Public Health Department to use to provide awareness about critical diseases in our area.

Environmental Science
students are in the process of completing their project on man-made climate change. They are in the process of completing their final products, either writing a letter to a politician providing solutions based on their research of other countries or creating a short PSA on the harmful effects of man-made climate change and how the public can take action.
Spanish 1 :
This quarter, Spanish 1 confidently and creatively presented their first skit project on numbers, created and analyzed a personal survey all in Spanish, and just finished Verb Boot Camp. Verb Boot Camp was where students worked diligently to understand how basic conjugation works in Spanish class and each day had to pass a quiz to move on to the next day. We have a 95% success rate this year and our students are not only excelling, but they are also enjoying their experience in Spanish 1!
Spanish 2 :
I strongly encourage you to click on a few of these Podcasts we just did on Social Justice topics in Latin America. They are dynamite this year and I could not be happier with the creativity, language level, and language practice that went on to create such effective podcasts. We are working hard to review the two verb tenses that will be on the final as well as communicate effectively in our oral communication component of the final exam.

Spanish 3 :
Spanish 3 is working diligently to finish the semester of review of Spanish 1 and 2 concepts. Their key project was an original cooking show featuring a main dish or two from a particular Spanish speaking country. They were dynamite and I encourage you to ask your student to watch their finished product! We are working hard to review the five verb tenses that will be on the final as well as communicate effectively in our oral communication component of the final exam.
Last semester, students in Psychology learned about personality, consciousness, psychological disorders, treatments and social behaviors. Students presented their learning throughout the semester, including Survival Guides for Freshmen and Case Studies focused on a specific psychological disorder and treatment. Next semester we dive into Sociology and will focus on topics such as culture, social inequality and the various social institutions that are present in our society. We are all looking forward to more student-led Socratic Discussions!

Media Arts
Students in Mr. Oliver’s class are wrapping up their first semester in Career Technical Education Digital Media at CCNTH. Following the recent completion of the College and Career ‘PEDS’ dual enrollment project, students just wrapped up a few weeks of individual portfolio development where students were asked to come up with their own projects. Over the semester, students have completed real work for the Still Frothy Pro-Am Surf Contest and for the Esteem Surf Shop in Pismo. A select number of students went on an informative field trip to Level Studios, New Times and the Photography department at Cal Poly.

Computer Science & Game Design
As part of our Career Technical Education (CTE) pathways, students in Computer Science just presented their college and career plans.. Please ask them all about their educational paths after high school! We have such a diverse group of students with a variety of interests and we can’t wait to see what they do! We have now moved into discovered the power of the “command line” and students are engaging in a world without fancy graphics. 

Game Design
Students in our Game Design classes just finished developing their very first games with an industry-standard software called Unity. The theme was “classic arcade” and there were some amazing games that borrowed from old classics! Next Level… As part of our Career Technical Education (CTE) pathways, students in Computer Science are beginning presentations on their college and career plans.. Please ask them all about their educational paths after high school!

Research & Communications (R&C)
Student Highlights:  Special recognitions go to Ellie M., Sophia M., Olivia B., Makaela Z., Naysen A., Joseph M., Aiden A., Tabitha F., Claudia K., Ligayah Q., Leila M., Jasmine C., Melia L., Max M., Nathan L., Paloma N., Daniel S., Yuna S., Isaiah C., Caleah H., for demonstrating their personal best on our very first project, This is Me. Not only did these students meet all the requirements outlined in the project guidelines, but they put a creative twist on many elements of their work. This is so awesome because doing one's best on projects at CCNTH is a great predictor of success for students after they graduate. Producing high quality work is super important!

Projects! Presentation Zen:  Presentations for the final project of the year are underway: Presentation Zen! To learn more about what what students have been exploring, please check out the Project Guidelines . In this project, students having been seeking an answer to the driving question, What is my dream career and lifestyle and how do I get it?  They are now presenting their findings in a high quality team presentation using any presentation tool they choose.

Entrepreneurial Mindsets
Student Highlights:  Lauren J, Allie C, Zoe C, Sarah H, and Kailey Z for answering the question what makes someone an entrepreneur in such a creative and knowledgeable way! This group all did an advanced job on their first presentations and proved their ability to critically think and communicate their findings in an engaging and unique way. Also, the rest of the team has been hard at work. Noe, Jordan, and Simon all created an amazing new candle label so that Malayne, Noah, Zack and Cole could sell DireLights candles at the MoonRiver Salon and Spa Makers Market. This event was during the SLO Holiday Parade, selling alongside professional makers in our area and they brought in over $150 in revenue.

Projects! DireLights ~ Let Some Light In!  Students have been engaged in their second project of the year: Let Some Light In! In this project, students are answering the driving question, What makes a business work?  To learn more about what they have been exploring, please check out the Project Guidelines . They have been taking on the job responsibilities of the position they were hired for as well as driving their own learning by choosing their own goals and tasks to keep the business running smoothly. They will be presenting their learning at various CCNTH event nights and field trips. To sign up to be a guest speaker, provide small group interviews, and/or offer your feedback in any other way please, CLICK HERE to sign up for a day and time to visit and work with us. To read about this authentic project and hear testimonials from last years students, CLICK HERE

The Makerspace students have created and presented on artwork from wearable designs to worlds recreated through tape construction. They will be closing off this semester by showing off the skills they have learned and continue to learn in peer instructed skills workshops.
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