Powering Up
Kristin O'Malley, President and CEO

I'm a runner. Not a fast runner. I like taking my time, going the distance. I run a few miles most mornings, step it up on the weekends and work in a half marathon every chance I get. Like most runners, I have a ritual. Breathe. Stretch. Repeat. I close my eyes, run the course in my mind, then release slowly, purposefully.

During the first mile, I power up ever-so gradually until I find the perfect internal rhythm. This isn't a race. It's not about time. It's not about speed. Running is much more personal for me. Essential. Satisfying. Spiritual.

Maybe that's why I love Foundation work so much. Finding solutions to major community challenges requires us to focus, adjust, power up and settle in for the long haul.  There are no "quick fixes" or easy sprints to the finish line. We're in a miraculous marathon. We're building a legacy for our community...now and for a lifetime.

Last year, we helped our funders and donors invest more than $2.9 million back into the community. This year we have the potential to bring hundreds of thousands more dollars in resources and opportunities to the Cape. Our home.
There is power in numbers. There is power in you. Whether you create a charitable fund on your own or contribute to an existing one, you can make a difference. Whether you go at your own pace or fall in sync with others, you can impact what matters to you most in deeply satisfying ways.
This new column in "The Hub" is the beginning of an ongoing conversation. Throughout the year, we'll talk about how you can power up your personal Cape Cod legacy and what we can do for our community together. Call me. Email. Anytime. In the meantime, I'll see you out and about...and "on the run."

Total 2016 Distributions Exceeded $2.9 Million
The Foundation's total distributions for 2016 exceeded $2.9 million, bringing our total distributions since inception to nearly $60 million. Grants were awarded to local nonprofits that support all aspects of Cape Cod life: health and human services; education; arts and culture; the environment; community and economic development; housing;  children, youth, and families. In partnership with our supporting organization, the Cape Cod Association, we awarded over $780,000 in scholarship support to local students from the Cape & Islands. READ MORE
Foundation Awards $48,500 in Strategic Grants
Five local nonprofits received a total of $48,500 in Strategic Focus grants from The Cape Cod Foundation: Duffy Health Center ($15,000), Lower Cape Outreach Council ($12,000), Community Center of Cape Cod ($10,000), Mass Audubon Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary & the Sanctuaries of the Mid and Upper Cape ($6,500), and the Association to Preserve Cape Cod ($5,000). Every year, the Foundation earmarks discretionary dollars from its own endowment fund to help local nonprofits address strategic initiatives and long-range organizational capacity building. READ MORE


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