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MEET Haley!

This strong young lady is 11 years old. Haley battled Bilateral Retinoblastoma.

Haley was diagnosed with cancer on March 13, 2012 at five months of age. Immediately after diagnosis, Haley underwent surgery to remove her eye due to the fact that the retina had completely detached leaving her in excruciating pain and also making the cancer very susceptible to spreading. She was told by doctors that there was a good chance she would lose her second eye as well, leaving her completely blind. Haley responded very well to treatment resulting in her tumor disappearing entirely. Doctors informed Haley and her family that the tumor would likely return. We are overjoyed to share that Hayley has been in remission for the past 10 years with no sign of a return tumor.

Haley beat all odds and is currently living her life to the fullest! She is a very active young lady. Haley enjoys playing as a forward on her hometown soccer team! Her mother shared, “I never thought I would see this day. I’m so proud of her and everything she’s doing.”

MEET Aidan!

This outstanding little boy is six years old. Aiden is battling High Risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

Aiden was diagnosed with AML in June 2022. He began receiving chemotherapy treatments shortly after his diagnosis. In addition, Aiden was in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately, he was unable to find a perfect donor match. However, his mom was a 50% match. She was more than willing to donate her bone marrow seeing as how the deadline for a transplant was closing in. Aiden received the transplant this past October. He and his family remained inpatient for two months following the transplant in order for doctors to closely monitor him.

Aiden loves dinosaurs, monster trucks, and playing video games. He was described by his mom as, “the strongest guy I know!”



This past fall both the University of Memphis men’s soccer team and the Southwest Tennessee Community College women’s soccer team visited our office to learn about our mission and to help us write comfort cards for our teammates. It was a privilege to give these individuals a behind-the-scenes look at the work we do and to share stories about the amazing kids we support. We are grateful to both teams for taking time out of their busy schedules to spend the afternoon volunteering with us!


The Cancer Kickers Soccer Club partnered with the University of Memphis men’s soccer team for their alumni weekend which took place October 21 & 22 of 2022. Our founder, Chris Clothier, spoke at the alumni dinner Friday night and the team sported Cancer Kickers warmup shirts before their game against FAU on Saturday. It was a privilege to be a part of such a special weekend and was fun to witness a Memphis Tigers win! 


Seven years ago, Michelle and I embarked on a journey that had been a dream of ours for many years. Our hope was to have a positive impact on kids who are battling childhood cancer. We recently shipped out our 2,000th kit and feel incredibly honored to be a part of every teammate’s journey. As we wrap up yet another year, we simply want to say “Thank You”. Thank you for being a part of our team, whether it’s as a teammate or their loved ones, a volunteer, or a donor. God Bless.


FANS ($25+)

  • Katherine Arenas
  • Carolyn and Charles Baxley
  • Court Beland
  • Kate Blank
  • Jennifer Bosworth
  • Olga Bove
  • Jill Bowman
  • April and Matt Britt
  • James Brown
  • Lawren Buckingham
  • Cheyenne Caldwell
  • Connie and David Chance
  • Morgan and Blake Clothier
  • Seema and Kent Clothier, Jr.
  • Tracey Collins
  • Cindy and Brian Couch
  • Hope and Will Covington
  • Mark Davidoski
  • Vana Dawidow
  • Judy Dawson
  • Robin Devore
  • Connie Diffee
  • Becky Dowdle
  • Michael Dyer
  • Hillery and Edward Efkeman
  • Suzanne Erickson
  • Megan Ernest
  • Stephan French
  • Wayne Garman
  • Alexandra Garrison
  • Ylenia and Hugh Garrison
  • Dianna George
  • Maggie and Nick Glaser
  • Yvette Gonzalez
  • Stacey and Jon Habans
  • Hala Hamze
  • Nathan Helm
  • Jennifer and Joel Hobson
  • Kim Hummel
  • Katy JohnsonDawn Jones
  • Rachel and Austin Jones
  • Season and Kevin Jones
  • Marilyn and Drew Koester
  • Pavan Krishnai
  • Todd LaFountaine
  • Wendy Lee
  • Emma Long
  • Bertha Loredo
  • Garland Lynn
  • Chris and Steve Martin
  • Lisa Mason
  • Marcy and Tommy Maurer
  • Rebekah McCarthy
  • Corinne McLaughlin
  • Noel Mendive
  • Kelly and Adam Moore
  • One4All Charitable Fund
  • Maura and Adam Parks
  • Michael PIckett
  • Laura Pietro
  • Dominique Price
  • Vaness Ramir
  • Gloria and Joseph Ramsey
  • Kayla Ratliff
  • Tree Reese
  • Deanna Rich
  • Rebecca Rogers
  • Antonio Rupcic
  • Abby and Patrick Sala
  • Rebecca Shean
  • Ashley Somogyi
  • Stephen Southard
  • Dolly Staten
  • Ainsley Stonebrook
  • Mary and Terry Stonebrook
  • Wade Stonebrook
  • Janice Toshach
  • Scott Vallier
  • Earl Van Nance
  • Martha and Billy Vopel
  • Tracye Weir
  • Morgan and Brandon Westbrook
  • Chelsea Whisnant
  • Terry and Glenn Williams
  • Kerry Wilson
  • Meg and Kolby Young


  • Amber and Marcus Abney
  • Sally and John Adams
  • Victoria Bartels
  • Mandy and Chad Bloodworth
  • Lindsey and Brett Borm
  • Hector Cantele
  • Michelle and Chris Clothier
  • Nicole and Brett Clothier
  • Sherry and Kent Clothier, Sr.
  • Dawn and Chris Coletta
  • Jennifer Cordell
  • Hayley and Brian Daniel
  • The Dye Family
  • Stacy and Jim Flores
  • Trish and Bill Floyd
  • Laurie and Shea Ford
  • Theresa and Terry Forrest
  • Kimberly and Steve Fracchia
  • Allison and Will Frazier
  • Linda and Gary Frazier
  • The Genho Family
  • Callye and Ignacio Gil
  • Amy and Al Gatti
  • Jenny and Scott Harris
  • Kati and Rees Hodges
  • Thermon Knighten
  • Kristie and Jonathan Lyons
  • Donna and Jon McCreery
  • Jessica and Michael McLaughlin
  • Emily and Adam Patterson
  • Lauren and Andrew Patterson
  • Gay and Michael Reece
  • Ursula and Josh Roman
  • Maggie and Carl Schmitt
  • Allison and Chris Seaman
  • Jerry Statham
  • Judith and Edward Stonebrook
  • Tracey and Ryan Stonebrook
  • Jessica and David Stooksbury
  • Kim Talley
  • Rebecca and Luther Waldrep
  • Ginger and Lance Wilson
  • Jaime and Kevin Wilson
  • Rachel and Jeff Yearwood


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