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The Human Body Functions As A Computer
June 12, 2016

The multitudes of functions of the body work like a computer, with very specific programs for every eventuality.  Some are built in and some are developed, learned, or are constructed as the need arises.   These are called the primary survival systems.  They include the external ones which are feeding, fight/flight and reproduction.  The 4th is the internal survival system, the limbic system, which is a combination of the immune, repair, growth and cellular reproduction system.  This 4th one ties the external 3 together into a cohesive life force. 
Above all this is a neurological organized priority system.  If this system becomes deranged in any way, the basic survival systems are affected and the cohesive life force is negatively affected.  Symptoms arise as an expression of these imbalances.  The question is, "What causes these neurological failures to regulate the survival systems?"  Here are a few:  Past injuries, including birth trauma, car accidents, falls, exposure to chemicals, past surgeries, vaccines, excessive anti-biotic use, hormone deregulators, memories of trauma held in the systems, physical or emotional miasms (which are non genetic inherited patterns of imbalance, both physical and emotional) and finally, what is called "in relationship to" factors.  This is where the nervous system has associated an injury with another related environmental factor.  Examples could be a time of day, temperature, light or dark, an event, seasons, impending storms, catastrophic news events, etc.  The result is a symptom pattern which develops not only from the original injury, but with one of these other factors.  The key to restoring the cohesive life force is to find all the neurological deficits and fix them.  In the process of fixing them there is a priority system and the following is that priority sequence:

1.  Neurological and structural correction.  This includes chiropractic                adjustments and advanced chiropractic neurological restoration                  techniques.
2.  Restore "chi" (life force) distribution and balance through chi                        acupuncture
3.  Clear past emotional traumatic memories from the body through                neuro-emotional techniques.
4.  Detoxify the body from toxins, heavy metals, past medications and              vaccines.
5.  Determine food and chemical intolerances
6.  Create an optimum diet and supplement program
7.  Recommend the proper exercise program

This is a "process" of restoration and it takes time.  Some patients only have a few interferences, others have many, so many it seems overwhelming.
Either way, these imbalances can be resolved and the result is a positive future rather than a survival future.
I have spent over 40 years developing tests for each area of imbalance, literally a complete program.  Even if a person feels good, only an evaluation can determine if all is OK or if an impending expression of an imbalance is forth coming.
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