Research on the Lance is  Becoming  Personal for Michael

As Michael McKibben researches the provenance of the Holy Lance of Antioch, he is surprised to find himself retracing his own path through Europe in the 1980s. The trail becomes one of personal as well as historic discovery and revelation.

For those of you just tuning into this series, we followed the Americans for Innovation research team into the data "mines" to see what trail of evidence we could find to authenticate the stories, legends, myths, and trail of the Holy Lance, also known as the Spear of Antioch, St. Andrew's spear, Lance of the Lord, and the Spear of Destiny.

In each newsletter, we reveal the nuggets that are uncovered from McKibben's research. As you know by now, Michael has a keen eye for detail and insists on verifiable documentation or he isn't content that truth has been found.

Soon you will get a glimpse of what Douglas Gabriel is finding in his spiritual historic research of the spear. One of Douglas' doctorates is in world religions so he knows where to go and what to look for to round off Michael's empirical research. We already know what a  remarkable storyteller Douglas is..... 

As these two "power researchers" work together to discover truth about the Holy Lance of Antioch, we thought our readers would like to see their discoveries unfold real time through a series of emails that they sent to one another as more discoveries were made. Stay with us. The ending is just the beginning of a greater story waiting to be told.

As you read this newsletter series, imagine that you are part of the Conclave and were being copied on these email correspondences. What would your questions be? What would you want researched? 

If you loved Dan Brown novels and movies, you will love the unfolding mystery and history of this ancient Christian relic. 

Now....back to our story where Michael starts to research who Raymond d'Aguiliers, aka Raymond of Saint-Giles, was. In the previous email, it is Raymond's version of unearthing of the spear that was the most comprehensive.

The  Army of Raymond of Saint-Gilles  was one of the first to be formed after  Pope Urban II  called for the  First Crusade . Raymond, better known as  Raymond IV, Count of Toulouse  (referred below as the Commander because of the large number of Raymonds under his command), formed a  Proven├žal  army and left Toulouse in October 1096, traveling over the land route. He was the only leader of a major army that did not swear an oath of fealty to  Alexius I, Emperor of Byzantine .

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Raymond of Saint-Gilles is the man to whom the Holy Lance was entrusted by St. Andrew during the Battle of Antioch.

As Michael reads about Saint-Gilles, he recalls his own time in Europe in 1982. 

Click below to learn how Michael began connecting the dots in his own journey with the Christian band Living Sound in Europe in the early 1980s and the discoveries he was making in 2018 about the provenance of the Holy Lance of Antioch.

Michael asks the excavator:

Could this be the cloth that surrounded the spear when you found it?

"And St. Andrew said 'Fear not that they will harm thee. Say also to the Count not to dip in the river Jordan when he comes there, but to cross in a boat; moreover when he has crossed,  dressed in a linen shirt and breeches , let him be sprinkled from the river. And after his garments are dry, l et him lay them away and keep them with the Lance of the Lord .' And this my lord, William Peter, heard, though he did not see, the apostle."

Douglas asks the excavator:

What did the "iron rings" look like and where were they in relationship to the spear when you found them?

Excavator: The rings were small and all linked together, rather like a quilt. The rings were small, barely big enough to stick your pinkie into

The entire thing was shaped like a handkerchief

I pushed it aside...

There was also some velum with recipes on them. 

Reader discretion. Foul language used in the video below. 

Reading the Templar Recipe Translations from Cicada 3301

Reading the Templar Recipe Translations from Cicada 3301

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