Vol. 27 - 2018
May 9, 2018
Storm Power Outage Response
 ‘A Repeat of Previous Experiences’
Hunterdon County’s Public Safety Director told the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU,) at a public hearing in Sergeantsville on May 4 th , that the response by utility companies to the March, 2018 storms, “was inadequate, uncoordinated, and a repeat of previous experiences.”

Public Safety Department Director George F. Wagner, an over 30 year veteran of service in Hunterdon County, who oversees the County Communications Center and also serves as County Chief of Staff, told the BPU Members, “An incident, such as a power outage, must be managed effectively to ensure minimum adverse impact to public safety. Mismanaged events can become large-scale disasters.”

Numerous local officials and residents appeared at the hearing called by the BPU to provide their testimony with regard to the power outages that ranged over a period of days during wind and snow storms in early March.

'Your County At Work'

On the Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce radio
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Deputy Director Suzanne Lagay and Hunterdon Health
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Have you ever wondered who to call if you spot a downed power line or tree making a road or bridge impassable? Hunterdon County has provided a safety net!

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Primary election, June 5, 2018

New Jersey Clean Communities

15th Annual Clean
Communities Conference

May 23-25, 2018 South County Park

Patriotic Concert Honoring Military Veterans Hosted
By Joe Piscopo

Saturday, May 19, 2pm
North Hunterdon HS

J. Matthew Holt  
Suzanne Lagay 
Deputy Director
John E. Lanza
John W. King 
Shaun Van Doren

Mary H. Melfi
County Clerk
Fred Brown
Susan J. Hoffman
Anthony P. Kearns III
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