Dear IEC Community,

Happy New Year and Best Wishes for 2021!
I think we can all agree that 2020 was not kind to us and will not be missed. That said, this past year has taught us a few good things about ourselves. For one, we should all be now convinced that we are indeed a resilient community of educators that can rise to a myriad of challenges. We have managed to bootstrap ourselves out of a difficult situation by taking advantages of ECE-enabled tools and technologies to find effective ways to conduct labs and continue to deliver engaging lectures remotely. For the IEC community, a relevant byproduct of this past year’s experiences is that 2020 demonstrated that we are already in possession of the tools and technologies needed to efficiently operate as a “super department”. However, as was pointed out repeatedly in previous letters, the full realization of this common vision will necessitate more engagement through increased participation in workshops and more showcasing of activities at member institutions through this newsletter. Our active participation in the workshops is critical because they help raise the profile of our organization, which leads to greater opportunities for partnerships for all members and/or institutions.

Mandoye Ndoye
Associate Professor 
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Tuskegee University