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“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” 

-Michael Jordan

Dear ILS Members:

We did it!  For the first time in our Section’s history, on February 16, 2024, we SOLD OUT our flagship iLaw Conference! With 250 registrants from over 15 countries around the world, prominent speakers in arbitration, litigation and transactions, several in-house counsel speakers and attendees, as well as a fascinating Keynote Speaker in Ryan Abbott, we have established one of the premier international law conferences in the world! 

I want to extend a special thanks to our iLaw Committee Co-Chairs, Davide Macelloni and Adrian Nunez, all of the other committee members, each of our Board members and our Program Administrator, Liz Hockensmith for their incredible commitment to achieve this extraordinary success

I also want to thank all of our Section and iLaw Sponsors (listed below) who supported and collaborated with us to make this iLaw so successful, especially the ICDR and Luis Martinez who sponsored and organized the iLaw Arbitration Track.

On Saturday, February 17, 2024, we also celebrated the 20th Anniversary of our Section’s Richard DeWitt Memorial Vis Pre-Moot competition. It was a fantastic turnout and competition.

Congratulations to Top OralistVanessa Pilatovafrom Case Western, and the Top Three Law Schools:

1. Stetson

2. The University of Miami

3. Florida State University

special thanks to our Vis Pre-Moot Committee Co-Chairs, Andres Sandoval and Priscila Bandeira, as well as the other members of their Committee for organizing a first-class competition. We also want to thank and recognize our Vis Pre-Moot SponsorsJAMS, Hogan Lovells and MIAS.

Lastly, we had a very productive Executive Council Meeting on Thursday, February 15, 2024, which included our Board, Executive Council, Committee Chairs, and Past Chairs with updates on significant achievements for the Section and each Committee. We also identified important Section initiatives, including strengthening our Foreign Bar cooperationincreasing our Section membership, organizing more CLEs, finalizing the Second Edition of the ILS Deskbook, and opposing a new bill prohibiting litigation funding. 

Please let me know if you’re interested in getting more involved with our Section and/or joining one of our 28 Committees. We welcome your ideas, participation and leadership!


Richard Montes de Oca, Esq.

Florida Bar ILS Chair

[email protected]

The ILS Thanks the iLaw Steering Committee for Their Efforts in Organizing iLaw2024!


iLaw2024 Sells Out and Welcomes Practitioners, Attendees, and Speakers From Around the Globe

ILS Members Also Met with Practitioners from All Over the Globe at the iLaw2024 Opening Cocktail Reception Sponsored by Fiduciary Trust International!

The ILS Thanks its Sponsors for iLaw2024!

Another Richard DeWitt Memorial Vis Pre-Moot in the Books; Congratulations to all Participants and Best of Luck in Vienna and Hong Kong!

Just Published: The International Law Quarterly - Winter 2024 on "Hot Topics"

The Winter 2024 Issue of the International Law Quarterly - "Hot Topics" is now available.

Click on the images above to download or please click here!

For all previous issues of the International Law Quarterly, please follow this link.

ILQ Call for Articles for its Spring 2024 Edition on "This or That!"

The ILS Celebrates Black History Month

Attorney Spotlight

ILS Members Neha Dagley and Gary Birnberg Attend the Hague Court of Arbitration for Aviation Conference!

ILS membersNeha Dagley and Gary Birnberg recently had the privilege of attending The Hague Court of Arbitration for Aviation Conference on January 26, 2024, held at The Hague Campus of Leiden University and The Hague Municipal Council. This conference serves as a global platform, bringing together experts from various corners of the world to engage in insightful discussions on the evolving landscape of arbitration and mediation across the aviation industry. The conference commenced with a reception at the iconic Peace Palace in The Hague, setting a fitting tone for the collaborative discussions that followed.


Gary Birnberg's involvement in the conference stands out, given his dual role as an attendee and a member of the Advisory Board of the Hague CAA. Additionally, Neha Dagley is currently pursuing an Advanced LL.M. in Air and Space Law at Leiden University. The attendance of ILS members at the Hague CAA conference underscores the diverse geographic locations and areas of practice represented within our membership, showcasing our global outreach.

Join an ILS Committee Today!


Amicus Committee


Chair: Edward Mullins

[email protected]


Arbitration & Mediation Committee

Chair: Gary Birnberg

[email protected]

Asia Committee


Chairs: Neha Dagley | Fred Rocafort

[email protected]

[email protected]


CLE Initiatives Committee


Chair: Kristin Drecktrah Paz

[email protected]


Europe Committee


Chairs: Susanne Leone | Davide Macelloni

[email protected]

[email protected]


Foreign Legal Consultant Committee


Chair: Robert J. Becerra

[email protected]


iLaw Steering Committee


Chairs: Davide Macelloni | Adrian Nuñez

[email protected]

[email protected]


ILS Deskbook Committee


Chairs: Pamella Seay | Laura Reich | Clarissa Rodriguez

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]


ILS Gazette Committee


Chair: Matthew Akiba

[email protected]


Immigration Liaison Committee

Chair: Larry S. Rifkin

[email protected]

International Law Certification Committee


Chair: Robert Kossick

[email protected]


International Law Quarterly Committee


Chair: Jeff Hagen

[email protected]

International Litigation and Arbitration Certification Committee


Chair: Kristin Drecktrah Paz

[email protected]

International Tax Law Committee


Chair: Jeff Hagen

[email protected]


Law School Liaison Committee


Chairs: Prof. Manuel A. Gomez | Laura Reich

[email protected]

[email protected]


Legislative Committee


Chair: Carlos F. Osorio

 [email protected]


Lunch & Learn Committee


Chair: James Meyer

[email protected]

North America Committee


Chair: Nouvelle Gonzalo

[email protected]


Richard DeWit Memorial Vis Pre-Moot Committee


Chairs: Andres Sandoval | Priscila Bandeira

[email protected]

[email protected]


White Collar Crime Committee


Chair: Robert J. Becerra

[email protected]

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If you are reading the Gazette, chances are that you are a practitioner or a student with an interest in International Law, one of the most wide-ranging, exciting and challenging legal specialties. Everyone in our field knows how crucial it is to stay on top of diverse and evolving national legal regimes, and at the same time, the difficulty of keeping meticulously up-to-date on developments around the world.

The International Law Section (ILS) of The Florida Bar is here to help you, the practitioner, navigate both the everyday and big-picture challenges of our field. Our Section is your forum to share knowledge and best practices, and to meet and mingle with peers in professional collaborations that can only enhance your grasp of the specialty and your standing among clients and peers.

Let ILS membership assist you in developing a thriving international practice through peer network development that includes important shared learnings and reciprocal referrals of clients and casework.

If your practice transcends borders, join us in making this the authoritative, go-to forum for Florida and the gateway to the region for anyone practicing International Law. Our Section is open to lawyers from other states and countries, full-time faculty at U.S. law schools, and full-time U.S. law students, all of whom may participate as associate members. For more information regarding membership with the ILS, click HERE.

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The ILS Thanks its Sponsors 

In light of what we accomplished this past year, we hope you will continue to support the Section as a sponsor. In 2022-2023, various firms, companies and suppliers sponsored the Section. 

We look forward to another year of innovative programs where we can advance international law and further promote our sponsors. To learn more, read the Section's sponsorship package. You can also contact our Treasurer, Laura Reich at [email protected] or Vice Treasurer, Davide Macelloni at [email protected] for more details.

ILS Board Members and Officers

Chair: Richard Montes de Oca

Chair-Elect: Ana Barton

Secretary: Cristina Vicens Beard

Treasurer: Laura Reich

Vice-Treasurer: Davide Macelloni

Immediate Past Chair: Jacqueline Villalba

ILS Executive Council

Terms Expiring in 2024

Fabio Giallanza

Jeffrey S. Hagen

Davide Macelloni

Penelope Perez-Kelly

Yine Rodriguez-Perez

Terms Expiring 2025

Gary Birnberg

Phillip Buhler

Jennifer Diaz

Kristin Drecktrah Paz

Prof. Manuel A. Gomez

Omar K. Ibrahem

Adrian Nunez

Pamella A. Seay

Terms Expiring 2026

Matthew Akiba

Lauren Bengochea

Neha Dagley

Gary E. Davidson

Nouvelle Gonzalo

Susanne Leone

Jennifer Mosquera

To learn more about the ILS Executive Council Members, click here!

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The ILS Gazette is a weekly publication of the Florida Bar International Law Section that informs members about upcoming programs, initiatives and resources.

If you have any questions about the Gazette or wish to include an announcement in future publications, please contact our ILS Gazette Editor, Matthew Akiba at [email protected].

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