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The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.”
― Jimmy Johnson

Dear ILS Members,

Every day, as international law practitioners, we bring that little extra to the legal profession. Similarly, foreign nationals who bring that little extra to their field of endeavor may qualify for an O-1 non-immigrant visa. The O-1 visa classification is reserved for individuals who have “extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics or those who have a demonstrated record of extraordinary achievement in the motion picture or television industry.” To learn more about O-1 visas click on the link below and register for next week’s webinar Expanded Professional Employment Opportunities for O-1 Visa Holders and National Interest Waiver Applicants, brought to us by Past Chair Larry Rifkin, Juan Carlos Freire, and Elaine Weiss. For those of you who are applying to take the Board Certification exam, this webinar offers 1 CLE credit for the International Litigation & Arbitration, Immigration & Nationality, and International Law Certifications. Additional information regarding the board certification exam is also included in this week’s Gazette.

Best regards,

Jacqueline Villalba, Esq.
Members News
Matthew Akiba Appointed Editor of the ILS Gazette
On June 24, the ILS Executive Council appointed Matthew Akiba as the new Editor in Chief of the ILS Gazette. Matt is an associate at Barakat+Bossa, where he focuses on complex commercial litigation matters. Matt received his J.D., magna cum laude, from the Florida International University College of Law, and his B.A. in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland. Prior to law school, Matt worked as an antique, fine art, and jewelry auctioneer in Dania Beach, Florida. Matt can be reached at
Jennifer Diaz Receives the Florida Bar Excellence in the Promotion of Board Certification Award
Diaz Trade Law’s President Jennifer Diaz received the Florida Bar Excellence in the Promotion of Board Certification Award. This award recognizes the innovation and excellence by a Florida Bar Board Certified lawyer or law firm in furthering the public's knowledge of and appreciation for legal board certification. Jennifer served as the Chair of the Certification Committee for the Florida Bar's International Law Board Certification section over the last year. While serving, Jennifer's committee completely revised the Board Certification exam in coordination with the International Law Sections Deskbook (which she also ensured was placed on the sections website for applicants to easily purchase), and updated the study guide and exam specifications in accordance with the new Deskbook for test takers in addition to heavily promoting the exam. To see the requirements and the application for International Law Certification, please visit
International Law Certification
Did you know that those Board Certified in International Law represent a group of only 50 specialized experts certified by The Florida Bar?

To see the requirements and the application for International Law Certification, please visit Additionally, please see the attached Flyer for more information.

The application deadline for this certification cycle is August 31, 2022. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Allison Armour, Certification Specialist, at if you have any questions. Ms. Armour is happy to help you navigate through the application process!
How Can YOU Earn CLEs?
ILS Members! Your good friends on the Int’l Law Board Certification Committee want YOU to apply to become Board Certified in International Law. Here’s how you can earn credits! Apply today!
Minimum standards for international law certification, provided in Rule 6-21.3, include:
·        Practice of law for at least five years, in either the United States or abroad, or four years with an LL.M. in international law or a related field;
·        Substantial involvement in the specialty of international law — 50% or more — during each of the three years immediately preceding application;
·        60 hours of approved international law certification continuing legal education in the three years immediately preceding application;
·        Peer review; and,
·        A written examination.

International Law Deskbook 2020
The International Law Section is proud to announce that its International Law Deskbook 2020 is now ready for shipping! Get yours today!

To purchase the International Deskbook 2020, please click HERE to log into your account on the Florida Bar's website. Once logged in, please click HERE to search for the International Deskbook 2020 by entering the course number 4039. You will then find the International Deskbook 2020 under "Course Materials."
Join the International Law Section

If you are reading the Gazette, chances are that you are a practitioner or a student with an interest in International Law, one of the most wide-ranging, exciting and challenging legal specialties. Everyone in our field knows how crucial it is to stay on top of diverse and evolving national legal regimes, and at the same time, the difficulty of keeping meticulously up-to-date on developments around the world.

The International Law Section (ILS) of The Florida Bar is here to help you, the practitioner, navigate both the everyday and big-picture challenges of our field. Our Section is your forum to share knowledge and best practices, and to meet and mingle with peers in professional collaborations that can only enhance your grasp of the specialty and your standing among clients and peers.

Let ILS membership assist you in developing a thriving international practice through peer network development that includes important shared learnings and reciprocal referrals of clients and casework.

If your practice transcends borders, join us in making this the authoritative, go-to forum for Florida and the gateway to the region for anyone practicing International Law. Our Section is open to lawyers from other states and countries, full-time faculty at U.S. law schools, and full-time U.S. law students, all of whom may participate as associate members. For more information regarding membership with the ILS, click HERE.

Upcoming Events
July 20, 2022
On July 20, 2022, Past Chair Larry Rifkin, together with Juan Carlos Freire and Elaine Weiss, will present the Webinar "Expanded Professional Employment Opportunities for O-1 Visa Holders and National Interest Waiver Applicants." Starting at 12:00 PM, the program will discuss substantial changes occurred to immigration policy in the interpretation and application of the regulations with regard to the qualifying criteria for O-1 visas and National Interest Waiver applicants with regard to professional workers, opening up increased opportunities to U.S. companies to employ foreign professional workers. To register for the program, please follow this link. The following CLE are offered: 1 CLE for International Litigation & Arbitration, Immigration & Nationality, and International Law Certifications.
International Law Quarterly
The International Law Quarterly - Spring 2022
The Spring 2022 Issue of the International Law Quarterly - International Law in the Time of COVID-19 is now available. Click on the image above to download! For all previous issues of the International Law Quarterly, please follow this link.
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The ILS Thanks its Sponsors 

In light of what we accomplished this past year, we hope you will continue to support the Section as a sponsor. In 2019-2020, various firms, companies and suppliers sponsored the Section. 

We look forward to another year of innovative programs where we can advance international law and further promote our sponsors. To learn more, read the Section's sponsorship package. You can also contact our Treasurer, Ana Maria Barton at, or Vice Treasurer, Cristina Vicens Beard at for more details.
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