March 26, 2020
Amid this global pandemic, Bell Media’s sales teams in collaboration with our Strategic Insights group are swiftly adapting to help you re-think your brand strategy.

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Now and in the future, we will be providing you timely insights, intended to help your brand and your consumers through this evolving and disruptive time. 
Consumer behaviour online increases significantly
As the Coronavirus continues to spread, there have been signs of changing consumer behaviour which is influenced by technological advancements but also environmental, economic and sociological factors; all three of which are evident with this outbreak. Self-quarantines and concern about public spaces have triggered a digital/E-commerce migration which may influence long-term conduct. Internet consumption increased by 10%, according to comSCORE, during the first week of COVID-19 (March 9- 15) in many categories.
We repeat: E-commerce business is thriving; showing growth in the Canadian marketplace, especially since the week of March 16, 2020. Overall, nearly 90% of Canadians are turning to E-commerce solutions. Given this new pressure on their businesses, some of these categories are struggling to meet demand and are now imposing restrictions on certain products as well as longer delivery times.

Therefore, short-term strategies may be in place now, but preparing for the future is essential too.

If history is any indicator, consumers might well emerge from the health crisis not only more accustomed to shopping online and transacting via E-commerce, but will be more likely to stay there.
Radio & TV: responsive and high-reach mediums in times of crisis
Radio and television are excellent platforms for developing awareness of an advertiser’s e-commerce option. Based on the categories that are trending right now, radio and TV have a clear and strong connection to online shoppers.
Reach of English Canada 25-54 who bought online (last 12 months)

  • Radio: 82%
  • TV: 92%
Reach of Quebecers 25-54 who bought online (last 12 months)

  • Radio: 81%
  • TV: 93%
Source: Vividata & Hiver 2019
At this time of ‘adjustment’, local and national advertisers who have an E-commerce strategy can stand out by promoting their E-commerce platform. Radio and television play important roles in driving consumers to the evolving digital marketplace.
Updated numbers
As we near the end of 'week two' of Canadians practicing social isolation, we are seeing a key trend solidify.
TV is increasing even more than we saw last week; driven by greater increases in news consumption and daytime in general.
Increases are highest among kids alongside double-digit increases across the key Adult demos . Men also continue to show increased viewership.
Source : Numeris, Total Canada, Live + same day audience, previous 4 weeks based on Feb 10 – Mar 8, 2020
Not surprisingly all digital news brands are seeing increased reach and consumption, again this week.
CTV News
+130% reach
+194% page views
+199% video starts
BNN Bloomberg
+110% reach
+90% page views
+49% video starts
+208% reach
+236% page views
+536% video starts
English entertainment brands are also seeing increased activity, Canadians want to be entertained. As the situation continues, the need will increase. 
+27% reach
+27% page views
+25% video starts
+12% reach
+14% page views
+9% video starts
Continues to be an important source for local news and community connection.
+63% for reach
+77% page views

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