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Statement on Racial Injustice| PacificSource Communication Update | Cigna Communication Update | Run-Out Repricing 
Statement on Racial Injustice

As part of the PacificSource family of companies, IPN proudly stands united against racism and intolerance. We support this June 10, 2020 message from Ken Provencher, PacificSource CEO: 

All of us at PacificSource are deeply affected by the murder of George Floyd and other racist attacks and deaths of persons in the Black community. We recognize that our organization must do more to express intolerance for racism and work to become a stronger voice for positive change in our communities. We know that words only mean so much, and that we must lead by example.

Our most foundational company value is that "we are committed to doing the right thing." For PacificSource, that commitment informs the work we do in addressing social determinants of health and health inequities in the communities we serve. We recognize that the historical and current impacts of racism contribute significantly to glaring health inequities we see in underserved communities, and know that we must do more to address the racist roots of that inequality.

We've been honored to play an important role in our communities and acknowledge that we have a responsibility to provide leadership and set the tone.

As we move forward, we continue our commitment to the recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce. We commit to supporting community based organizations that support people impacted by racism. We commit to accelerating our racial justice efforts with humility, and in collaboration with community, to realize the changes we seek.

It is imperative that we unite in condemning racism and intolerance to help create a better world.
PacificSource Communication Update
For current information about PacificSource's action plan, coding guidelines, provider relief plans and FAQs that will be extended through August 31, 2020 click here
Cigna Communication Update
Behavioral Health Coordination
Effective May 16, 2020, Cigna will reimburse primary care providers (PCPs) when they p rovide care management support for patients who are receiving behavioral health treatment and c oordinate that care through a behavioral health specialist.  Refer to Cigna's Care Integration Services Reimbursement Policy (R32) or  the upcoming Q3 issue of Network News for more  information.

New Patient Verification Security Feature
Beginning June 26, 2020, a security feature will be added to the patient selection process when medical, dental or behavioral health providers are verifying eligibility or when a benefit search is conducted on the Cigna for Health Care Professionals website (CignaforHCP.com).  After selecting a patient from the search results, a pop-up will appear asking users to confirm that they have selected the correct patient who is receiving care. Users are required to verify that they have selected the correct patient before they can continue to access benefits and eligibility information. 

Reimbursement Policy Update - Pulse Oximetry
For claims processed on or after September 13, 2020, Cigna will deny separate reimbursement for pulse oximetry services when billed alone or with additional codes.  The affected Current Procedural Terminology┬« (CPT) codes 94760, 94761, and 94762, are considered incidental to the primary service(s) provided. Cigna will be updating Omnibus Reimbursement Policy (R24) to reflect the change and  include more information in the Q3 issue of Network News.

Specialty Medical Injectables with Reimbursement Restriction
Cigna will expand the Specialty Medical Injectables with Reimbursement Restriction list to include additional specialty medical injectables. Read more about this update.  

For current information about Cigna's interim billing guidelines and FAQs click here

Network News
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Run-Out Repricing

IPN is providing run-out repricing for some terminated groups. Click the button below for a list of those affected.  For more information related to these terminated groups, please contact the payor's customer service representative at the phone number located on the insured's identification card.

(P) 208-333-1513 or 866-476-1076 | (F) 208-433-4605

IPN Team
Allyssa Wood (Data Support Specialist)
Amy Campbell (Provider Contract Representative)
Barb Morris (Operations and Contracting Manager) 
Codi Tomisser (Operations Team Lead)
Frankie Campbell (Credentialing Specialist)
Gina Stewart (Audit and Quality Specialist)
Hilary Klarc (Executive Director)
Jennifer Ford (Credentialing Specialist)
Kyler Jackson (Customer Service) 
Leona Campbell (Data Support Specialist II)
Meagan Meter (Credentialing Team Lead)
Megan Smith (Payor and Operations Representative)
Michelle Ridlon (Senior Provider Services Representative
Samantha Adams (Credentialing Specialist)
Stefani Borja (Credentialing Specialist)

IPN Board of Directors
April Dillion, DO;  Daniel Reed, MD;  Edward McEachern, MD - PacificSource HP Executive VP and CMO;  Gary Wallace, MD (President); Graham Wetherley, MD (Vice President);  Hilary Klarc - IPN Executive Director;  Jeffrey Hessing, MD;  Jeremy Waters, MD;  Joseph Williams, MD;  Martin Gabica, MD;  Matt Bell - PacificSource HP VP & Idaho Regional Director; and  Peter Davidson - PacificSource HP CFO