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Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Payments

Do you get claim checks issued to your provider instead of to your clinic or are checks mailed to an old address? Would you like to have payments issued more quickly and avoid making physical bank deposits? Signing up for electronic funds transfer (EFT) payments from payors will resolve those issues!

IPN reports billing information and it is generally updated by payors within 30-60 days from receipt of the report. However, EFT does not require a PAY TO name or address for payment to be issued correctly. Contact payors you work with frequently to get signed up for EFT now!
PacificSource Communication Update
For current information about PacificSource's action plan, coding guidelines, provider relief plans and FAQs click here
Cigna Communication Update
Enhaced RxSavings Messenger
In June 2020, Cigna will introduce a new drug conversion program, Enhanced RxSavings Messenger, to help reduce medication costs for customers and keep them on track to better health. Providers will receive messages by electronic medical record (EMR), fax, or phone with additional details. 

For current information about Cigna's interim billing guidelines and FAQs click here

Network News
The second quarter 2020 Network News is now available here
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Run-Out Repricing

IPN is providing run-out repricing for some terminated groups. Click the button below for a list of those affected.  For more information related to these terminated groups, please contact the payor's customer service representative at the phone number located on the insured's identification card.

IPN Directory

Frankie Campbell (Specialist)
Jennifer Ford (Specialist)
Meagan Meter (Team Lead)
Samantha Adams (Specialist)
Stefani Borja (Specialist)

Contracting & Relations
Amy Campbell (Provider Contract Representative)
Hilary Klarc (Executive Director)
Megan Smith (Payor and Operations Representative)
Michelle Ridlon (Senior Provider Services Representative) 

Allyssa Wood (Data Support Specialist)
Barb Morris (Manager) 
Codi Tomisser (Team Lead)
Gina Stewart (Audit and Quality Specialist)
Kyler Jackson (Customer Service) 
Leona Campbell (Data Support Specialist II)

(P) 208-333-1513 or 866-476-1076 | (F) 208-433-4605

IPN Board of Directors
April Dillion, DO;  Daniel Reed, MD;  Edward McEachern, MD - PacificSource HP Executive VP and CMO; Gary Wallace, MD (President); Graham Wetherley, MD (Vice President);  Hilary Klarc - IPN Executive Director;  Jeffrey Hessing, MD;  Jeremy Waters, MD;  Joseph Williams, MD;  Martin Gabica, MD;  Matt Bell - PacificSource HP VP & Idaho Regional Director; and  Peter Davidson - PacificSource HP CFO