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Pumpkin Carving Winners
Although there was no official pumpkin carving contest, our Operations Data Support Specialist and her fiancĂ©, Taylor, win the award for Creepiest Carvings. Fun Fact: No stencils were used! Can you name the characters from these horror films?
IPN Provider Relief

IPN is bracing for a winter unlike any seen before. With Idaho COVID-19 cases on the rise, the IPN team continues to work from home, wear masks and maintain social distancing - all in an effort to bring an end to the pandemic. To relieve strain on provider partners, IPN will continue Provider Relief efforts throughout 2020 and will be available to help in any way possible.
Run-Out Repricing

IPN is providing run-out repricing for the following terminated groups: 

For more information related to these terminated groups, please contact the payor's customer service at the phone number located on the insured's identification card.
PacificSource Communication Update
For current information about PacificSource's action plan, coding guidelines, provider relief plans and FAQs, click here
Cigna Communication Update
Oncology Clinical Pathways Program
On January 1, 2021, Cigna will launch an oncology clinical pathways program to promote the use of clinically appropriate, safe, and cost-effective therapies to improve patient outcomes.

The oncology clinical pathways program is intended to improve quality and value in cancer care by providing treating oncologists with evidence-based data to assist in selecting chemotherapy regimens that represent the highest value for patients. The program's regimens are selected based on clinical efficacy, safety, quality, and consistency of evidence, as well as affordability, if appropriate. These preferred regimens will be highlighted during the prior authorization process on
An article about this program will be in the October edition of Cigna Network News

Network News
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On Top of Mount Borah
Photo Credit: LeAna Earley
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IPN Team
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Hilary Klarc (Executive Director)
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IPN Board of Directors
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