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Website Webinar

New and existing providers are invited to attend a webinar on  February 19th 10-11am to learn about the recent changes to the IPN website. See what was added, what has moved, and how to navigate the site. To sign up, email  msmith@ipnmd.com .
My Contract Says What?

Chargemaster Increases

IPN facilities are required to notify IPN when any increase is made to a chargemaster. Notifications can be sent to  providercontracting@ipnmd.com
Notice of Change - A Provider Responsibility

All IPN Agreements contain language regarding the provider's responsibility to notify IPN of certain changes. Changes are loaded into IPN's provider database, repricing system, directory and reported to payors each week. 

Without up-to-date provider data, pre-authorizations and claims may be delayed or denied, payors find themselves unable to comply with certain government regulations and/or provide accurate information to their members, and members are often referred to other providers or forced to wait for care while updates are made to the provider data. 

Notify IPN Within 30 Days for changes to:
Notify IPN Within 10 Days for changes to:
  • Practitioner Name
  • Directory Name
  • Billing Name
  • Service Address, Phone, Fax, Email
  • Billing Address, Phone, Fax, Email
  • Tax ID Number
  • NPI Number
  • Termination of employment
  • Licensure or certification
  • Hospital privileges
  • Malpractice action involving an IPN payor's member
  • DEA
  • Medicare/Medicaid participation
  • Liability insurance

To make the circle of responsibility complete, providers must own their notification responsibilities. Set a monthly calendar reminder to consider whether any information has changed that needs to be reported. Submit changes using the IPN  Provider Information form
Provider Directory

Currently, the IPN service area* offered to payors consists of providers located in Idaho, Asotin County in Washington and Baker and Malhuer Counties in Oregon. 

Providers located in an extended service area may be credentialed if the provider's primary location is within Idaho and the additional location(s) is/are  located near the Idaho border (Spokane or Pullman). However, s ince not all payors will accept providers in the extended service area, IPN is unable to list them in our directory. Claims for all credentialed providers will  continue to be repriced and payors will determine whether to apply IPN discounts to services rendered in an extended service area based on the member's benefits and product type listed on the ID card. 

Refer to the IPN Payor List located in the secure section of the website to find out more about which product types utilize the IPN network and which payors have geographic exclusions in their service area. 

*Not applicable to ancillary providers such as Durable Medical Equipment, Laboratory and Home Infusion IV Therapy Services.  
Run-Out Repricing

IPN is providing run-out repricing for some terminated groups. Click the button below for a list of those affected. 

For more information related to these employer groups, please contact the payor's customer service representative at the phone number located on the member's ID card.

Provider Spotlight

IPN attended the ribbon cutting of the new 66- patient room hospital, Idaho Falls Community Hospital (IFCH) located in Eastern Idaho.  The new hospital offers the following services: 
  • Emergency Department
  • Kidney Care
  • Heart & Vascular Care
  • Intensive Care
  • Cancer Care 
  • Back & Spine Care
IFCH is now a participating hospital as of January 27, 2020. Please note: claims incurred prior to this date will be considered out of network. 
Cigna Communication Update

Evaluation and Management Services Reimbursement Policy Update

Effective for claims processed on or after March 16, 2020, Cigna will deny reimbursement for evaluation and management (E&M) services billed with Current Procedural Terminology (CPT┬«) code 99211 appended with modifier 25 when billed alone or with another procedure code on the same date of service.  Only the line item on the claim for CPT code 99211 appended with modifier 25 will be denied. 

More details of this change will be published in the  January Network News and updated in the Reimbursement policy for Evaluation and Management Services (R30). 

To receive Cigna's  Network News, Sign Up at  CignaforHCP.com
Health Net Federal Services, LLC (HNFS) Update

TRICARE Provider Directory  

Effective February 1, 2020, HNFS's online TRICARE Network Provider Directory will limit the number of locations listed for each provider to five per Tax ID Number. Providers affected will have been notified by HNFS that this is done in an effort to improve directory accuracy and reduce the risk of TRICARE beneficiaries being appointed to incorrect providers offices (especially with PCM's).

Questions about these listings, or any changes needed, should be directed to HNFS at 1-844-866-9378. Information on how to update demographic data is available at  www.tricare-west.com

Note: If IPN is sending demographic and credentialing information on your behalf, updates can be directed to IPN. HNFS will be notified in a monthly report. Instructions for listings in the TRICARE Network Provider should be directed to HNFS as the above number. 
Idaho Medical Association (IMA) Update
from 12-15-19 edition of IMAges Newsletter

Free MAT Waiver Training

Hosted by ECHO Idaho
Tuesday, February 25, 2020 and Tuesday, September 22, 2020 12:30-5pm MT 

Physicians, advanced nurse practitioners (NP, CNS, CNM and APRN), physicians assistants: earn your MAT Waiver to prescribe and dispense buprenorphine in this two-part training. 
  • Live 4-hour seminar using video conferencing
  • Online modules you complete on your own
For more details, along with RSVP information, click here . Call 208-364-4569 or email  Kayla Blades for additional questions. 
IPN Team Member Directory
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Credentialing Coordinator
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